J Link Children’s Playground: Mounds And Burrows

J Link Children’s Playground

Found at the rear of the Jurong Regional Library is the J Link Children’s Playground. Part of the J Link pedestrian mall which opened in November 2014, it consists of a series of mounds and tunnels.

Playground behind Jurong Regional LibraryThe J Link Children’s Playground has a soft-padded, blue and green flooring. Low mounds, rising up like molehills and complement the design of the nearby pavilion known as Canopy, a space designed to accommodate events.

Of Mounds and Molehills

Slide and stairsStairs cut into the mounds provide a way for kids to make their way to the top of the hill.

There are also climbing ropes, fitted with knobs for little hands to grip on to, around the mounds. At the top of one of the mounds is a faux rock platform and a bright orange slide that promises a short ride downwards.

A small, triangular cargo net encourages climbing and exploration.

However, these mounds are not just the plain hillocks that they look like viewed from one vantage point. Instead, they hide a bunker-like area in the centre that kids can climb into.

Entering the bunker area at the J Link Children's PlaygroundKids can enter these centre areas through tunnels that burrow through the mounds or gaps in the mounds. Alternatively, they can use the handgrips fitted into the side of the slope to climb up and over the rim into the centre areas.

Other Play Equipment

Beside the low mounds, another structure nearby consists of three large pipe segments set into concrete at different heights. These reflect the industrial past of the Jurong area and provide little hideaways that complement the mound play areas. However, do that note that one of the pipes has a profanity graffitied inside it.

Other play equipment around the J Link children’s playground include little metal spinners with orange spheres at the top.

Bright orange benches are also built into the side of the mounds.

Also close by along the rest of the J Link Pedestrian Mall is an art exhibition area and heritage corner that remembers the Jurong area’s past.

The 270 metre long J Link Pedestrian Mall connects the Jurong East MRT Station to Science Centre Singapore.

The J Link children’s playground has been open for a few years already. It is starting to show its age but still represents a unique play spot for kids behind the Jurong Regional Library and JCube.

J Link Children’s Playground

Location: Behind Jurong Regional Library


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