UNIQLO AIRism Mask Being Released in Singapore On 24 August, Here Are Some Reviews Of The Mask

UNIQLO AIRism Mask Being Released in Singapore On 24 August, Here Are Some Reviews Of The Mask
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UNIQLO announced that it will be launching the AIRism face mask at all of its UNIQLO stores in Singapore, including online at UNIQLO.com, on 24 August 2020.


UNIQLO AIRism Mask features

The Japanese brand decided to launch its AIRism mask internationally following its release in Japan in June. The AIRism brand is associated with summertime where it was developed by the lifestyle brand to make the soaring heat a bit more bearable.

The UNIQLO AIRism face masks have a triple-layer structure. The first layer is smooth on the skin and breathable. The inner AIRism layer is free of the stiffness or thickness typical of non-woven and cotton masks, reducing stress.


The centre of the mask employs a filter that delivers a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99%, according to tests, blocking out bacteria and pollen. The third layer is treated to provide has UV Cut UPF50+.

These reusable face masks from UNIQLO were developed to optimise protection and comfort in daily use.

Different sizes of the AIRism Mask are available to fit various face sizes. They are available in Small (18 cm x 12 cm – for children), Medium (22 cm x 14 cm – for small adult faces) and Large (23 cm x 14.5 cm – for regular adult faces).

According to reports online, it can be washed and reused about 20 times.

Purchasing the UNIQLO AIRism Mask in Singapore

Purchasing the UNIQLO AIRism Mask in Singapore

The UNIQLO masks will be available in black and white. Each pack of the UNIQLo AIRism mask retails for $14.90 and contains 3 masks of the same colour and size.

There is a daily purchase limit per person of 1 pack of AIRism Mask for every size and colour.

UNIQLO AIRism Mask Reviews

Since it has been on the market for about a month, we also checked out some reviews of the UNIQLO AIRism Mask online, like this one below.

Some other reviews from those who have purchased the mask in Japan include a Twitter user that said, “Good morning! I bought the AIRism mask on Friday from Uniqlo and wore it today. As it is a nonwoven fabric it is easier to breathe in however it isn’t a cold mask so it doesn’t get cooler.”

A Reddit user had this TLDR, “Uniqlo sent a tiny package in a huge box. does not feel like other airism products. fits well and quite thick, but also hard to breathe in.”

Uniqlo Airism Mask, a full review from malefashionadvice

Read another in depth review here.

Hope these reviews help in your decision whether to purchase the UNIQLO masks once they go on sale in Singapore.



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