The Artground’s The Curious Sky: Wonder & Wander In An All-Weather Wonderland

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The Artground’s latest exhibition The Curious Sky is a whimsical wonderland that engages all the sense of children using elements in the sky. From giant hanging clouds, a huge fluffy one to lay on, sliding down to the sound of wind, it is baby and child-friendly space that invites all to come and play.

Ng Fongyee
Image: The Artground

The brains behind The Artground’s The Curious Sky is Ng Fongyee, a multidisciplinary artist who works with children and technology. With The Curious Sky, she engages children of all ages by introducing different dimensions at each section of the exhibition. As a result, the works are immersive, sensorial and engaging.

There are a total of six areas at The Curious Sky, each featuring elements which encourage children to imagine and be curious about what is before them.

Thunder Tunnel: Make the Sound of Thunder

Thunder Tunnel: Make the sound of thunderFeel a storm brewing in this tunnel where you will experience a visual storm by shaking the ‘lightning activating’ box. Children will be thrilled by the chain reaction set off by pushing the box – the sound of thunder is followed by lightning flashes in the clouds above them. Follow the path of the lightning through the tunnel!

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BlackboardThe Thunder Tunnel has blackboards as outer walls and heat-sensitive lightning pads that change colour when you touch it after rubbing your palms together.

The Molecular World: Spin the wheels

The Molecular WorldWho doesn’t like spinning wheels? This part of the exhibition shows how water can exist in three states of matter. Stainless steel balls are enclosed in the wheels, representing molecules in the different states. As the wheels go round and round, the balls fall down according to the patterns in the wheels.

The Water Cycle: Press a Button and Make a Splash!

The Water Cycle - The ArtgroundActivate the water cycle and watch the rain pour down. Follow the water droplets as they make their journey through the leaves, into the river and underground.

The Cube of Colours

The Cube of ColoursHow many colours are there? The little ones would love creating shadows in the cube as the colours change.

Slide Down with a Whooshhhh!

Wind Slide at The Curious Sky, The ArtgroundHear the sound of the wind as you slide down the exhilarating slide. This will probably be a favourite of thrill-seeking children with a penchant for speed.

See the Magic of Snow in an Igloo

IglooBoth parent and child can enjoy some quiet space in the snowy igloo where cushions and books are aplenty. Stay safe in the igloo as you watch the storm and chaos outside. There is even a snowcam which lets you “experience snowfall”.

A Sensory Playground at Baby Stage

A Sensory Playground at Baby StageThe Baby Stage at Artground is transformed into a calm space for the youngest members of the family. Lay on a giant fluffy cloud, or crawl onto the weather pad to touch the felt rainbows and clouds, read a book and experience the sensory stations. This space engages the fine motor skills of the little ones as they try to unzip, match blocks, thread cords, unbutton little raindrops and move the little colourful beads.

The Curious Sky at The Arground – Play in All Kinds of Weather

The Curious Sky exhibition at The Artground is the perfect place to experience rain without getting wet. Feel the gush of the wind, listen to the pitter-patter of raindrops and kick up a storm together with your little ones.

The Artground’s The Curious Sky exhibition is on from 4 October 2019 till 22 March 2020.

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