Sushiro, Japan’s No. 1 Conveyor-Belt Sushi Chain, Is Now At Tiong Bahru Plaza With Delicious Bites Including Roasted Beef Sushi!

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Sushiro is Japan’s number 1 conveyor-belt sushi chain, and it recently landed on Singapore’s shores at Tiong Bahru Plaza.

Sushi at Tiong Bahru PlazaFor those who might be new to the brand, there are quite a few unique features that set Sushiro apart from other sushi chains in Singapore.

IC Chips at the bottom of their plates
IC chips at the bottom of Sushiro’s plates help to track the freshness of the sushi.

There is Sushiro’s innovative use of technology (IC Chips at the bottom of their plates) to ensure freshness of ingredients, offering high grade ingredients such a sea urchin or uni sushi at $4.80 for two pieces, and their large variety of dishes.

Conveyor belt sushi, Tiong Bahru Plaza, SingaporeAs with all meals, sometimes the limit of our wallet is disproportionate to the appetite of our tummies, but fret not, after trying…many plates, of sushi, here are the few that stood out to us, and what we would say are a must-try on your visit to the Sushiro conveyor belt restaurant at Tiong Bahru Plaza.

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Top 3 In Japan

Top 3 sushi dishes In JapanSushiro will be offering their top three, most popular sushi dishes in Japan at its Singapore outlet.

In first place, is the Tuna Sushi. Salmon sashimi will always hold first place in my heart and stomach, but it just might have to share for the fatty tuna sushi here, which was delicious.

At the affordable price of $2.20, there were no stopping second helpings. If you’re up for a little splurge, you need to try the $4.80 fatty tuna sushi, cut from prized Atlantic bluefin tuna. This fatty tuna was a whole other level of amazing with its rich melt-in-the-mouth feel.

The second-most popular item is the yellowtail sushi, which had a delicious buttery flavour, and third is the salmon roe, or ikura sushi, which is another personal favourite because of the savoury- sweet pops of flavour.

While you’re picking up raw options, try the big red shrimp sushi which did justice to its name with bites of the succulent red shrimp and vinegared rice.

Interesting Sushi Options

Raw ingredients aren’t your thing? Not to fret, many other cooked options are available for you to try. One unique sushi that we haven’t seen around is the Roast Beef sushi, which was well seasoned and tender. Other items such as the steamed scallop with lemon basil and roast pork with green onion were also delicious.

Sushi at Sushiro SingaporeThe must-try of the cooked sushi options? The eel with cheese. The earthy and intense camembert cheese somehow still allowed the fresh unagi taste to shine through. Although one of the more expensive options, we don’t think you’ll be finding this at other conveyer belt outlets.

Sides and Desserts

Sides and Desserts - What to eat at Sushiro SingaporeOther than sushi, there are also three different types of ramen and ala-carte dishes like miso soup, salads, side bites like croquettes and chawanmushi.

The Cold Chawanmushi is not commonly found in many restaurants and we personally really enjoyed the intense umami flavour in the toppings. The egg pudding is another must-try here.

Finish off with dessert, be it a slice of millie crepe, parfait or even a drink.

Eating at Sushiro SingaporeWe hope that you leave feeling as satisfied as we did.

Redeem goodies at SushiroStill think that the price is a little above budget? Maybe a look at the adorable merchandise up for redemption might change your mind. From every third visit onwards, you can collect stamps to redeem any of these adorable characters in a variety of merchandise such as keychains, socks or plushies! Good food and cute items as a reward? We know this is one of the many reasons we will be coming back for sure.

Sushiro, Singapore, Tiong Bahru PlazaSushiro, Tiong Bahru Plaza, Singapore

Where: Tiong Bahru Plaza, #02-118, Singapore 168732
Contact: 6970 2293

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