Rumah Tinggi Eco Park: From Railway to Rustic Parkway and Playground

Rumah Tinggi Eco Park Playground
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Sandwiched between the buildings fronting Leng Kee Road and the Rumah Tinggi hillside behind IKEA Alexandra, Rumah Tinggi Eco Park is a well-hidden green corridor.

Rumah Tinggi Eco ParkThe narrow slither of land was once a KTM railway siding, leading down to the Alexandra Brickworks area. The trains have long since stopped running and in place of the din of railway cars is the quiet serenity of a green park and its children’s playgrounds.

Nature in a Line

The linear Rumah Tinggi Eco Park can be entered either from the housing estate to the rear of IKEA or from Kung Chong Road at the back of Borneo Motors showroom.

Bamboo Grove at Rumah Tinggi Eco ParkIt has a rustic atmosphere with a collection of plants and trees that include a bamboo grove, palms and banana trees.

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Rest Huts, Rumah Tinggi Eco ParkIn keeping with its rustic vibe, structures at Rumah Tinggi Eco Park are designed accordingly. Rest huts at the start and end of the park are reminiscent of traditional Malay houses with gabled roofs.

Water Taps at Rumah Tinggi Eco ParkEven the water taps are disguised to blend in with the landscape.

Rumah Tinggi Eco Park Playground and More

This natural theme extends to the playground found at the Kung Chong Road end of the park.

Woodlands Playground at Rumah Tinggi Eco ParkHere, the woodlands-themed Rumah Tinggi Eco Park Playground features a little tower and bridge that lead to a slide hidden inside a log.

Climbing ladder at the PlaygroundThis treehouse playground includes little climbing points that include planks fitted into the side of a tree trunk and steps made out of tree stumps.

Nature-themed PlaygroundThe brown-hued Rumah Tinggi Eco Park playground blends in perfectly with the real trees nearby.

A short distance away is Rumah Tinggi Eco Park’s second playground.

Train Playground at Rumah Tinggi Eco Park

This brightly coloured train playground is intended for younger children. It has a yellow slide in place of the cowcatcher at the front of the locomotive.

It is a reminder of Rumah Tinggi Eco Park’s past as a railway line.

HDB Playground close to Rumah Tinggi Eco ParkAs a bonus, there is an additional playground in front of the HDB blocks 12 and 13 at the rear of IKEA Alexandra, just a stone’s throw away from the park.

Two more small playgrounds can be found at the top of Rumah Tinggi hill at Blocks 9 and 37, and another a short distance away at Alexandra Hill East Neighbourhood Park.

Rumah Tinggi Eco Park

Location: Via Blk 12 at Rumah Tinggi, behind IKEA Alexandra, or Kung Chong Road.

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