Otter Live Cam: View Asian Small-Clawed Otters At Their Home From Home

Melbourne Zoo baby otter
Image: Melbourne Zoo Facebook
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Brace yourself for some incoming cuteness from the Melbourne zoo! View the otter live cam featuring some adorable Asian Small-Clawed Otters and their pups.

Otter Live Cam features otter born in Singapore Zoo

Melbourne Zoo otter
Image: Melbourne Zoo Facebook

Viewers tuning in from Singapore can look out for papa otter Odie, who was born 15 January 2017, at the Singapore Zoo! The mama otter, Paula, was born 3 June 2010, at Frankfurt Zoo. On 4 February 2020, they introduced a litter of four pups.

Otter pups on Melbourne Zoo’s Otter Live Cam

Melbourne Zoo baby otter live cam
Image: Melbourne Zoo Youtube

As you view the Otter Live Cam, you will often see otters brothers Murphy, Rodney, Gunther and sister Squid huddled up in a pile taking a snooze. The pups are now eight months old and the live cam lets you see their antics in real-time.

Cute moments caught on otter live cam

Melbourne Zoo baby otter live cam awake
Image: Melbourne Zoo Youtube

Some cute moments that we especially enjoyed include seeing the otters pop in and out of the live camera’s view. It is also heart-warming to see them enter the den together and settle in for a nap. If you notice things getting a little rough in the den, the knowledgeable staff at Melbourne zoo reassure viewers that it is probably just Papa Odie teaching his new pups all about play wrestling!

Where to see Otter Live Cam

Melbourne Zoo otter live cam
Image: Melbourne Zoo Youtube

For added smiles to your day, you can see the otter live cam here and check out other live animal cams of animals at the Melbourne Zoo here. You can also see a list of other live animal cameras from around the world here.