MOE Releases Indicative PSLE Score Ranges For Secondary Schools

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This is the first year that the new PSLE scoring system will be implemented, shifting away from the old T-score system to the new Achievement Levels (AL) system.

To aid Primary 6 students and their parents make a decision on which secondary school to apply for, Ministry of Education (MOE) has released the indicative PSLE score ranges for individual secondary schools.

New PSLE Scoring System

Under the new PSLE scoring system, each subject will be scored based on 8 ALs, with 1 being the best score. The ALs are set according to the learning objectives of the curriculum and to reflect the students’ understanding of the subject.

The PSLE score will be the sum of all the ALs across four subjects. The possible range of scores will be between 4 and 32.

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Secondary 1 Posting

According to an MOE press release, the range of overall PSLE scores to be eligible for the respective courses is as follows:

Placement Outcome PSLE Score (AL)
Express 4 to 20
Express / N(A) option 21 to 22
N(A) 23 to 24
N(A) / N(T) option 25
N(T) 26 to 30 with AL 7 or better in both English Language AND Mathematics


In the event of students with the same PSLE Score vying for the last place in a school, there will be a tie-breaker based on citizenship, choice order of schools and computerised balloting, in this given order.

Indicative PSLE Score Ranges for All Secondary Schools

The indicative PSLE Score ranges for 139 secondary schools in Singapore are now available on the MOE SchoolFinder website. These are based on the 2020 cohort’s PSLE results and school choices. There may be slight fluctuations in the cut off point from year to year. The variation would typically be by 1 AL.

The MOE SchoolFinder website also highlights other factors to consider in a secondary school beyond grades. These include the school’s distinctive programmes, CCAs and culture.

To explore more, visit the MOE SchoolFinder website here and learn about the changes to the PSLE scoring and S1 Posting systems here.

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