MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon: Inside One Of MindChamps’ Largest Centres In Singapore

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MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon is amongst the largest of the MindChamps Centres in Singapore. In fact, the Centre is so big that it has its own indoor play area and bustles with the pitter-patter of little feet heading between their classrooms, the gym and other activity areas.

Lining the corridors is the craftwork done by the Champs – as MindChamps preschoolers are referred to as – and each class has been lovingly decorated according to the theme of a book.

Why Choose MindChamps PreSchool?

Why Choose MindChamps PreSchool?
Image: MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon

The classroom is where Champs, from 18 months to 6 years old, spend the majority of their time and at MindChamps PreSchools, children are prepared to thrive in a fast-changing, globalised world through the ‘3-Mind’ Educational Model.

Comprising the Learning Mind, the Champion Mind and the Creative Mind, the 3-Mind Model draws on the work of Professor Allan Synder and other experts in the fields of Education, Psychology, Neuroscience and Theatre to inculcate the winning mindset in children from an early age.

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Classroom activities are based on the S.M.I.L.E.S. (Sensory, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional and Social) curriculum, a holistic approach that nurtures young minds. Through crafted play activities, a child’s fertile imagination is shaped into creativity – the most valuable resource in the future world dominated by Artificial Intelligence.

Core Programmes – Teaching MindChamps Reading & Writing

Mr Ezra Lee teaches MindChamps Reading & Writing, one of the curriculum’s Core Programmes at MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon.Inside one of the classrooms, we got to meet Mr Ezra Lee who teaches MindChamps Reading & Writing, one of the curriculum’s Core Programmes.

He shared with us how the MindChamps Reading & Writing programme is grounded in language acquisition research rather than simply drilling the children. And, even as we talked, children came up enthusiastically to him, showing him their work. What impressed us the most was that he always had an encouraging word of praise for each Champ.

Clearly, the children are highly engaged with the MindChamps Reading & Writing programme and enjoyed having Mr Lee as their teacher.

The feeling seemed mutual. Mr Lee shared with us how he found it rewarding teaching the Champs, especially when he sees the “spark in their eyes when they learn something new.”

Fun with Enrichment Programmes

Mr Aloysius Chia teaches Creativity & Theatrical Strategies, NeuroMooves and Music for the Mind at MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon.At the Centre’s large gym, we met Mr Aloysius Chia. He teaches the Creativity & Theatrical Strategies, NeuroMooves and Music for the Mind at MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon.

These Enrichment Programmes complement the Core Programmes at MindChamps PreSchools and allow Champs to enjoy enrichment activities closely integrated into the school’s curriculum. Rather than having to attend additional classes outside of preschool hours, enrichment programmes are part of the school day.

NeuroMooves session at MindChamps PreSchoolWe watched as he conducted a NeuroMooves session for a group of Nursery 1 Champs. This was the first time they were playing with the colourful parachute and they were excitedly waving the large prop in the air.

Having fun during a NeuroMooves sessionAs they were learning about animals within the core curriculum, a “elephant” made an appearance during the activity, much to the children’s delight.

“Through such movement and play activities,” explained Mr Chia, “the Champs get to learn about team work, following instructions, and also benefit from muscle development.”

Other NeuroMooves activities like rolling and jumping help to develop the Champs confidence and motor skills and, at MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon’s large gym space, there is more than ample room for them to participate fully.

Music that Enriches the Mind

Another Enrichment Programme that Mr Chia teaches at MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon is Music for the Mind. While many preschools have music programmes, Music for the Mind stands out because of its use of electronic keyboards, not just simple percussion instruments or glockenspiels.

According to Mr Chia, this exposes Champs to more complicated forms of ensemble-playing and has even led to some of the children signing up for formal piano lessons on their own.

But the programmes in themselves are not the only differentiator at MindChamps PreSchools. Mr Chia, who has taught at other preschools previously, shared that a significant difference at MindChamps PreSchools is that children are empowered to be creative and come up with solutions to solve “problems” on their own.

Play time at MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon
Image: MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon

For example, when they are faced with an obstacle or challenge during NeuroMooves, Champs are encouraged to work together and find a way to overcome them. The children’s ideas are then tried out and implemented with the help of teachers.

Such an approach is aligned with MindChamps PreSchools values of being ConfidentCreative and even to Embrace Setbacks as SetUps. It contributes to the development of what MindChamps refers to as the Champion Mindset.

Book a Visit to MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon

MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon is a place where the programmes and people come together to provide a conducive and excellent environment for children.
Image: MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon

MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon is a place where the programmes and people come together to provide a conducive and excellent environment for children to develop into Champs.

To find out more about MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon or to arrange a visit, call the Centre at 62815638. Alternatively, you can book an appointment here.

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