Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 by Jurong Lake Gardens (Online Edition)

Bazaar In the Garden at Jurong Lake Gardens
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Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival from the comfort of your own home with the Mid-Autumn Festival by Jurong Lake Gardens (Online Edition).

Enjoy a series of performances and relax and unwind to soothing music by local artistes on traditional instruments such as the Erhu and the Tabla. Learn about the story of Chang’er and Hou Yi through animation and dance!

On 1 October 2020, tune in online for Music under the Moonlight as Rit Xu Quartet and MiCapella deliver familiar tunes.

Highlights of Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 by Jurong Lake Gardens (Online Edition)

Music under the Moonlight (Online Concert)

Date: 1 October 2020, Thursday
Time: 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm

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Go online to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 together in the comfort of our own home. Enjoy the emotive and balladic songs about the moon by Rit Xu Quartet and end the night with the vocally talented MiCapella where they serenade you with their take on popular classics!

Rit Xu Quartet

The Rit Xu Quartet consists of Ben Poh on the Bass, Eugene Ang on the Piano, vocalist Jiajun Lin and the award-winning bandleader, Rit Xu on flutes. The quartet was formed out of their friendship and a shared love for music and jazz. Since then they have performed together on numerous occasions and events across the island.


Effervescent, dynamic and versatile, homegrown musical sensations, MICappella, has been galvanising feverish devotion amongst fans across the region. Always embracing their identity as Singaporeans and being effectively bilingual, MICappella has become an international brand that ignites the stage all over the world.

When: 1 October 2020, 7 pm at NParksSG YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/nparkssg)

Mid-Autumn Gathering

A virtual community coming together to mark the wondrous harvest festival. In the communal spirit of sharing a meal, lighting lanterns and gazing at the moon, this celebration invites the community to partake in a delightful retelling of the age-old story of Chang’er, curated as a Two-Act video experience through animation and dance, evoking the arts and the idyllic charm of Jurong Lake Gardens.

Melodies of Mid-Autumn

Set in Jurong Lake Gardens, let your eyes and ears take you to another world as yIN Harmony, Two Four Six Fusion, Ragha Jazz and Dicapella Dizi Ensemble present to you a selection of familiar songs with a traditional and fusion spin to it.

yIN Harmony

yIN Harmony is a multi-ethnic music group whose vision is to infuse various cultural instruments together on a singular platform to reflect the multiracial facet of Singapore. The notion of getting elements deriving from different ethnic groups is crucial to a national identity, and it unifies cultural thread in our urban music landscape, which they hope to inspire through their music.

Two Four Six Fusion

Two Four and Six Fusion is a Singapore based fusion band with its name conceptualised by the number of strings on each instrument; showcasing the two-stringed Chinese fiddle, Erhu, the four-stringed Chinese Lute, Pipa, and the six-stringed Western Guitar. The confluence of Asian and Western elements brings forth a unique blend of sound, highly distinguishable in various genre of music; with the core value of the band’s musicking to emote merriment in their craft.

Ragha Jazz

Presenting a wild blend of ragas, jazz harmony, groovy rhythms & modern interpretations with traditional instruments, Ragha Jazz redefines perspectives of sound and rediscovers new musical possibilities through original and exciting compositions.

Dicapella Dizi Ensemble

Dicapella is a congregation of Singapore’s top award-winning dizi (bamboo flute) soloists and is currently the largest bamboo flute ensemble in South-east Asia. Dynamic and versatile, the group’s repertoire extends beyond traditional Chinese music, to include jazz, Chinese pop, western classical and English oldies, among others. The youthful group, with an average age of only 19-years-old, has staged several energetic outreach programmes in heartlands that have been well-received.

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