Little Day Out’s Guide To Cycling In Sentosa: Trails, Places To Explore & Bike Rentals

Little Day Out’s Guide to Cycling in Sentosa
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Want to reduce your carbon footprint plus exercise? Cycling is a pastime fast increasing in popularity. Did you know that Sentosa offers several cycling routes with picturesque views of the Southern waterfront?

We give you a lowdown on where to cycle in Sentosa, where to get your bicycles and some photo spots you might want to visit!

Cycling Trails in Sentosa

Cycling Trails in Sentosa

There are many trails to choose from in Sentosa, for anyone with two wheels whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cyclist. There are maps to check out at various spots, otherwise, navigation is quite simple.

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  • Vivo City to Sentosa Cove trail: 6km
  • Beach Walk: 3km
  • Imbiah Trail: 1km
  • Mt Imbiah Nature Trail: 1.1km
  • Coastal Trail: 1km

One can also cycle from Vivo City across the boardwalk onto Sentosa island. Then you can decide whether to head to Sentosa Cove or the beaches.

The route from Vivo City to Sentosa Cove is about 6km with some long or steep slopes. This could be challenging for beginners, so do take note of the terrain before proceeding. Dismount and push when in doubt.

Distances are varied across the cycling trails.

The easiest and the most child friendly would be the trail traversing the beaches – from Tanjong Beach all the way to Palawan Beach as it is a flat path.

In our experience, the Mt Imbiah Nature Trail and Coastal Trail offered the best views and calming sea breeze. However, the 2.1km trail includes steep slopes that require caution when navigating.

Where to Get Bikes at Sentosa

Where to Get Bikes at Sentosa

You can rent bikes quite easily either via SGBikes or the Gogreen Segway & Cycle rental station across Ola Beach Club.

We saw plenty of SG Bikes littered along the beach, some of them even have child seats for the younger children.

bike rentals

As for bike rentals, we secured a bike online via the website as it was for a mere two hours. Rates start at $12 for an hour or $15 for two hours of rental. Do check the bikes thoroughly as we had to change the bicycle twice before a satisfactory ride. Gogreen bicycles do not have child seats.

For full-day bike rentals, try this link via Klook. One can also rent Segways.

Places to Explore While on Two Wheels

Places to Explore While on Two Wheels

Cycling while exploring can bring you to spots you never took much notice of.

If you take the Beach Walk trail, do look out for World War 2 pillboxes on the way! There are five to spot, one at Siloso Beach, two at Palawan Beach and two at Tanjong Beach. These were critical to coastal defence since the 1930s.

Palawan Green

Head to Palawan Green to take a look at the Southern islands from afar. The signage helps to mark out eight islands in the South.

“Flowering Trees”

Take the ramp up towards Beach station near the carpark and you will be greeted by delicate flowers made of glass. The “Flowering Trees” exhibit references tropical flowering trees.

Imbiah Coastal Trail

As you cycle towards Imbiah Coastal Trail, soak in the seabreeze and take a look across Tanjong Rimau at Keppel Bay. Identify the buildings in the South which make up the Southern waterfront.

totem poles

Along the path are some totem poles you may recognise from earlier days of Sentosa. This was also where the old monorail track used to be.

If you peer closely in the waters, you may be able to spot corals as well as snails and crabs on the rocks.

Try Cycling at Sentosa for Family Fun

Try Cycling at Sentosa for Family Fun

Cycling at Sentosa as a family can be fun plus child-friendly trails mean everyone can enjoy the pace. Have fun, stay safe on your two wheels!

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