Jurong Frog Farm: A Ribbiting Good Time

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Do you know that frogs absorb whatever water they need through their skin? Also, male frogs croak just before a rain because they’re trying to attract a mate; rain creates optimal conditions for female frogs to lay eggs in fresh pools of water. These are some of the interesting things you can learn on a visit to Jurong Frog Farm in the Kranji Countryside.

Jurong Frog Farm has been in the business of rearing American Bullfrogs since the 1980s

The only licensed frog farm in Singapore, Jurong Frog Farm has been in the business of rearing American Bullfrogs since the 1980s, and supplying fresh food products such as frog meat, crocodile tail, venison, and locally-produced Hashima, also known as Snow Jelly.

In addition, Jurong Frog Farm regularly hosts groups of people from all walks of life who want to learn more about frogs. 

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A Toadally Awesome Time You’ll Never Froget

Chelsea Wan

These learning journeys have been painstakingly put together by Chelsea Wan, also fondly nicknamed The Frogologist, since she joined the family business way back in 2006.

“We started out as a production farm; we never expected to entertain visitors. As interest from schools and the general public increased, I figured that through learning journeys, we would be able to educate more people about frogs in fun and interesting ways,” said Chelsea.

Jurong Frog Farm learning journeys

Over the years, Chelsea has created a number of learning journeys to cater to different needs and group sizes.

If you’re looking to organise a preschool visit to Jurong Frog Farm, there’s Gabbe’s Adventures which includes a short storytelling session, and the opportunity to catch, then release a tadpole.

But if the way to your heart is through your tummy, then gather up like-minded friends and sign up for Frogolicious where you’ll get to meet, then eat, frog meat and Hashima.

Frog Quest

Frog Quest

The latest learning journey Chelsea has designed is Frog Quest, perfect for families who would like a Free-and-Easy style of experiencing the Farm.

As Frog Quest is self-navigated, you control your time, you’re free to explore the Farm at will, and you don’t have to make a booking beforehand! You simply turn up at Jurong Frog Farm, pick up a Frog Quest set, and off you go!

Frog Quest Booklet

At S$15 per set, visitors can look forward to one Frog Quest Junior Explorer Card and Map, one Catch-a-Frog activity kit (which includes the rental of a pair of gum boots and a fish net), one box of frog feed, and a Mystery Gift upon completion of the Quest.

Frog Quest is a great activity that involves the whole family

Suitable for children ages 3 and older, Frog Quest is a great activity that involves the whole family. My daughter, for example, relied on me entirely to read the clues, then fill in the blanks; she also needed me to bolster her courage when it came to catching a frog.

Let’s just say there was a lot of squealing when she first stepped into the Mating Pond to catch her first tadpole! She finally warmed up to the activity, and became more confident after seeing her first catch.

Visiting the Jurong Frog Farm, Kranji Countryside, Singapore

I’ll admit that I started my visit at Jurong Frog Farm pretty squeamish about frogs. Although I’m not quite ready to have them hopping around at home as pets, I’m decidedly a little more fond of these slimey-looking creatures.

Get Croaking At Jurong Frog Farm

Get Croaking At Jurong Frog Farm

If you’re after something a little different to amuse your children on the weekend or during the school holidays, you should definitely pop by Jurong Frog Farm.

Kranji Express

Getting to the Farm is not even an issue. Simply make your way to Kranji MRT Station, wait at Berth 3 of the bus-stop (there’s only one at Kranji MRT Station), hop aboard the Kranji Countryside Express and that’ll take you to Jurong Frog Farm.

Take note that the Farm is closed on Mondays. Should you want to visit anytime between Tuesday to Friday, please call to let them know to expect you, even if you’re not booking a tour or learning journey.

For more on Jurong Frog Farm’s tour packages, go here.

Chat with Chelsea Wan of Jurong Frog Farm

Watch this video of our chat with Chelsea and click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and to see more great videos!

This story was originally published in 2019.

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