Local Artist JangandFox’s Online Sketches Illustrate Family Values Through Everyday Scenarios

Local Artist JangandFox’s Online Sketches Illustrate Family Values Through Everyday Scenarios
Image: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
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Commission by Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, local illustrator JangandFox has drawn 60 vibrant sketches which capture the ten family values in the exhibition SINGAPO人: Discovering Chinese Singaporean Culture.

Family Values

The brand new series of illustrations is based on heart-warming encounters between Little Otter and his friends around Singapore. These will be available on the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre website all year round.

The ten key family values which JangandFox drew upon are loyalty 忠, filial piety 孝, kindness 仁, love 爱, considerate behaviour 礼, righteousness 义, honesty 廉, shame 耻, thrift 俭 and perseverance 毅.

While these values are universal in nature, these have been treasured and passed down through the generations in a variety of ways. They are captured in popular Chinese tales like Kong Rong and festivals like Qing Ming.

JangandFox’s sketches will be uploaded progressively on a weekly basis over ten weeks.

For the first week, a set of three comics illustrate the virtue of kindness through Little Otter’s encounters with Fox and Elephant.

The comics can be viewed in both English and Mandarin.

JangandFox X Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Collaboration

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s Chief Executive Officer Low Sze Wee shared, “Through these delightful illustrations by JangandFox, ten key family values have been translated into simple everyday scenarios. These values shape the way that we live and interact with each other in our local community. These had led to our distinctive local Chinese culture. We hope that these illustrations provide accessible entry points for both young and old to learn and appreciate what these values mean, and how they can be a source of strength in these trying times, and guide us towards a kinder and more inclusive society.”

View the comics online at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre website.