Island Wanderer Review: Labyrinth At Tanjong Pagar

Island Wanderer Review: Labyrinth at Tanjong Pagar
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Hikes are becoming mainstream with many walking and exploring parts of Singapore they have never ventured to before. How about going on a self-administered puzzle-solving walk? We tried Island Wanderer’s Escape Trails and give you an inkling on what it is like to be an “Island wanderer”.

What is an Island Wanderer Escape Trail?

The Escape Trails are located in various districts in Singapore and take about two to three hours to complete, depending on the skills of participants. There is no guide and you can rely on the Telegram chatbots to give you hints, direct you should you get lost or give you options to the answers of the questions.

Our Family’s Experience at the Island Wanderer Labyrinth Trail

Our Family’s Experience at the Island Wanderer Labyrinth Trail

Our family of 4 tried the Labyrinth trail designed to be like a maze and the mission was to help Theseus slay the monster Minotaur.

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We had to look out for signs and figure out the clues, numbers, words encoded within while exploring the Tanjong Pagar area. Our eager puzzle-solvers started at Tanjong Pagar MRT and then progressed towards Tras Street. Along the way, we could see bits of the heritage and history of the area and soak in the breeze amidst the tropical heat.

The boys were interested in the story of Theseus and all ears while I narrated the story from my mobile phone. While they were excited to solve the puzzles, they were a little lost and the adults had to facilitate the breaking down of clues.

murals in the area

We liked how the murals in the area were used as hints and clues. Do observe the words given in the puzzles very carefully as well as they could be helpful. We took our time at each location and encouraged our children ages 7+ and 10+ to find out the answers, and also got them to navigate. This trail was an apt opportunity for them to improve their street-smartness.

Review of Island Wanderer Labyrinth Trail

Review of Island Wanderer Labyrinth Trail

The trail was meant to be for ages 10 and up but it truly puzzled the adults as well. Perhaps we were still getting used to how to decipher the hints, at times we found it vague and mind-boggling. Therefore, we relied on the hints to get us through.

The Tanjong Pagar district was an interesting one to navigate. There were murals, historical landmarks, interesting shops and no lack of cafes with coffee to get the parents going. Of course, we got waylaid by the enticing rows of food and beverage establishments.

It was a little tough to follow the story with the use of Telegram on a mobile device, some visual aids would be useful. However, it was smart to use a chat bot to administer the walk and it makes it more flexible and convenient. You could try the trail any time you like without having to make reservations which can be cumbersome.

The Labyrinth Trail we tried used Greek Mythology and the tales of monsters and heroes did captivate our boys. We felt that perhaps more of the area’s history could be weaved into the story as well.

If you are attempting the trail with younger children, do bring along snacks and drinks as they might find it challenging to keep up.

We would say – make full use of the hints if you still cannot wrap your head around the puzzle for ten minutes. It would also sustain your child’s enthusiasm.

Island Wanderer Escape Trails

Try the socially distanced trail or outdoor escape room with your family and friends. To gain access to the trails, click here.

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