Illustrator Mum Shares Tips For When Children Need To Do A Swab Test

Illustrator Shares Tips For When Children Need To Do A Swab Test
Image: @kristenkiong
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A swab test is an undeniably uncomfortable experience. For little ones, having to do a swab test is both a privilege and a challenge. Illustrator and mum, Kristen Kiong shared her experience carrying out her kid’s first home swab on her Instagram along with some tips that she hopes will help other parents who might have to do a swab test for their children.

Here are some tips that are helpful for when children need to do a swab test.

Illustrator’s 6 Tips For When Children Need To Do A Swab Test

Practice pretend swabbing at home with earbuds

If a child is too young to understand the rationale behind a swab test, doing this might help to get them used to the idea of something similar having to go near their face. Do ensure that you DO NOT insert the earbuds fully into the nose as it might damage a child’s nose lining. It is only meant to help a child understand what to expect in a swab test.

Prepare distractions

Having favourite videos and songs playing as a distraction while prepping for the swab could help. Counting could help as well if that is calming for the kid, and for slightly older kids, playing a small game such as I Spy would be useful to take their mind off the uncomfortable sensation.

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Prepare snacks for rewards

Ensuring that your child is physically comfortable will help them be in a better mood for their swab test. Parents can also prepare their favourite snack as a reward after.

Use a comfort position

Kristen shared that when she carried the swab test for her daughter, she sat her child sideways on her lap “with one arm over her arms and the other around her head.” This ensures that the child’s head is still for the swab but also feels like a hug.

Give lots of praise and reinforcement

Acknowledge that your kid did a good job! It’s not easy to endure an uncomfortable sensation, especially if they might not yet be able to fully comprehend the importance of it.

Give a big heart after

If all else fails, a hug and extra comfort after will almost always help comfort both parent and child through the quick yet uncomfortable experience.

See the original post on Kristen’s Instagram below or at the link here.

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