How To Play Simon Says: Classic Game For Preschoolers

How To Play Simon Says: Classic Game For Preschoolers
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Who is Simon and why do we follow what he says? Some theories say that it was chosen in reference to royalty who gave orders that could not be rejected, and others say that the name Simon was chosen as alliteration to the word “says”. Either way, this is a popular classic game that can be played in a group and across different ages. Here’s how to play Simon Says.

What you need to play Simon Says

A group of three or more people
Space where players can move comfortably

How to play Simon Says

Players will appoint the person to be “Simon” The aim of the game is for players to follow all of Simon’s instructions as accurately as they can. The person who is appointed as Simon will give instructions starting with “Simon says ________”. The other plays must use active listening skills to try to complete the given task.

Sometimes, “Simon” might try to trick the other players into doing an action or task by not saying the phrase, “Simon Says”, at the front of the given task. Players have to listen carefully to see if they respond to the command. If they move without the task starting with “Simon Says”, the player is out.

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Tasks that can be used for Simon Says

Although players are more than welcome to use random tasks off the top of their heads, there are some variations that are more intentional about giving tasks that can help target developmental skills such as body awareness and motor skills.

Body awareness

  • Simon says to circle your arms clockwise
  • Simon says touch your belly button
  • Simon says stand on one leg
  • Simon says pet your tummy and rub your head
  • Simon says curl up in a ball

Improve memory

  • Simon says touch your left cheek at the same time as you touch your right knee
  • Simon says to do three jumping jacks. Then, stomp your feet twice.
  • Simon says blink five times in a row. Then, turn your head to the left and say the word “lemon”
  • Simon says touch your toes on your right foot with your left hand. Then, stand up straight. Touch your left ear with your right hand.
  • Simon says touch each of your fingernails on your left hand. Then do the same thing with all your toes.

Develop Gross Motor skills

  • Simon says run around in a circle really fast
  • Simon says climb up the stairs
  • Simon says roll over twice on the ground
  • Simon says walk backwards in a straight line
  • Simon says to pretend to be a fish and swim around the room

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