How To Play Hopscotch (Including 6 Variations & Games To Mix Things Up)

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Hopscotch is a traditional playground game that many of us may have memories of playing growing up. It’s best played outdoors but it is also possible to make it an indoor game if there are space constraints.

In this article, we show the classic way of playing hopscotch as well as some interesting variations that you can try.

Materials Needed for Hopscotch

For Outdoors:
A small weighted object for the marker

For Indoors
Masking Tape
A small weighted object for the marker

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How To Play Hopscotch (Rules of the Game)

how to play hopscotch

1. Draw a traditional hopscotch diagram with the numbers from 1 to 10. If you are playing this indoors, use the masking tape to make boxes and number them one to 10 with tape.

2. Take the weighted object such as a beanbag or coin to be the marker for the game. Throw the marker into the first square. If it lands on a line, or outside the square, the player loses their turn. They will then pass the marker to the following player and wait for their next turn.

3. Hop on one foot into the first empty square, and then every subsequent empty square. Be sure to skip the one your marker is on.

4. At the squares that are in pairs, (4 & 5 and 7 & 8), jump on the squares with both feet.

5. At 10, hop with both feet, turn around, and head back toward the start.

6. When you reach the marked square again on the way back, pick up the marker while keeping your balance on one foot!

7. If you finished without any mistakes, you have succeeded and completed the course! Pass the marker to the next player. On your next turn, throw the marker to the next number.

8. If you fall, jump outside the lines, or miss a square or the marker, you lose your turn and must repeat the same number on your next turn. Whoever reaches 10 first, wins.

This is the traditional way of playing hopscotch and upon relearning it, we realise that this is a simple game is still one that can bring hours of fun!

Variations Of Hopscotch


If you’re looking for a different variation of this classic game, here are some interesting ones that you can try:

  • Odd and Even: Hop on the evens or odd numbers only
  • What Colour Next: Make the squares a different colour and try to keep them within a specific coloured square
  • Hop and Move: Add a simple task within each of the squares. For example: “clap your hands three times” when you land on the third square.
  • Sign On the Line: Instead of throwing the marker in numerical order, toss it in any square. When you complete a successful turn, sign the square where your marker landed and pass it to the next player. The game ends when all spaces have been signed. The person with the most signed squares to their name wins.
  • Watch The Time: Set the timer for 30 seconds. Each player must complete the course within the time frame to proceed. If you go into overtime, you lose your turn.
  • Categories: Assign each hopscotch square a category such as Books, Animals, Desserts etc. When you hop into a square, you must shout an item in its designated category. You lose your turn if you can’t think of an item in that category, or if you repeat another player’s item.

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