How To Play Blind Man’s Bluff: A Game Of Blindfolded Tag

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A popular game that is played around the world, Blind Man’s Bluff is a fun game to play as a group, especially at parties. Blind Man’s Bluff is like the traditional game of tag, with the exception that the person who is the catcher must be blindfolded. Here’s how to play Blind Man’s Bluff.

What you need to play Blind Man’s Bluff

  • A blindfold
  • An open space
  • A group of three or more people

How to play Blind Man’s Bluff

First, choose a player to be the catcher and set a time for a game to run for. The catcher will be the player wearing a blindfold.

On the queue, the catcher will try to tag the other players and locate them by using their other senses.

The other players have to avoid getting tagged by the catcher.

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When another player is caught, the catcher will have to try to identify the player that is caught, only if successfully identified by the third try, will the other player take over as the new catcher.

Variations of Blind Man’s Bluff

Marco Polo: Marco Polo is played similar to Blind Man’s Bluff, where the catcher will have their eyes blindfolded. Other players will call out “Marco” to which the other players must reply “Polo”, thus indicating their positions and making it easier for the catcher to go in the right direction.

Dead Man’s Bluff: If you don’t have a blindfold, players can close their eyes instead and the game can also be played in a room with dimmer lighting. Be sure to ensure that the room is clear of sharp of dangerous objects.

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