60+ Friday Jokes That Will Make You Shout Fri-Yay!

60+ Friday Jokes That Will Make You Shout Fri-Yay!
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TGIF! Many of us love Fridays because it is one of the big motivating days that indicate the rest and excitement of the weekend is coming. For some of those who go to school or those who work in the office, Fridays are the most anticipated day because it means things can start to wind down. Here are some funny Friday jokes that will get you laughing through the weekend.

Funny Friday Jokes To End The Weekdays

1. Why did Friday work out?
It was a weak day for him.

2. What comes after Friday the 13th?
Saturday the 14th!

3. Which day do potatoes fear the most?

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4. When do nuns laugh at Friday jokes?
When the Friday joke is about Good Friday.

5. Which day comes after a Black Friday?
A broke Saturday.

6. What is the saddest day for a sad person?

7. Why does Friday stand (out)?
The next day is sat day.

8. What guarantees to ruin your Friday?
Learning that it was only a Thursday.

9. What do biologists wear to work on Friday?

10. Why do geologists shop on Friday?
For the great weekend shales!

11. Which country has a Fry-day every day?

12. What comes after Black Friday?
Broke Saturday.

13. What did the fruit ask at the end of the workweek?
Orange you glad it’s Friday?

14. What is the best Friday of the year?
The Good Friday.

15. Where can you save 100% on Black Friday?
At home – by not shopping.

16. What would an exhausted employee do to Friday if Friday was a person?
Grab it and never let go.

17. Why didn’t Friday take anything seriously?
It was a casual Friday.

18. Which day does a piloting student long for?

19. What do cows do on Friday nights?
Go to the mooooooovies.

20. What did Friday say to Saturday and Sunday when they were about to give up?
Weekend do it!

21. Which day of the week goes faster than a lightning bolt?

Funny Friday Jokes

22. What’s the worst part about Friday afternoons?
Realizing it’s just Wednesday.

23. Why couldn’t I get an appointment at the library for Friday?
They were all booked up.

24. What is the best day for people with dimples?

25. What’s scarier than Friday the 13th?
Monday the 16th.

26. Why did Han go shopping on Black Friday?
Because the prices were Solo.

27. What did the lazy guy do the day after Friday?
He sat.

28. What is the most favourite day for a window shopper?
Buy Day

29. Why didn’t the French chef realize it was Friday?
It Crêpe’d up on him.

30. Why is Friday a happy day?
Because the next day is a sadder day

31. What comes after a good Friday?
A Saturday.

32. What’s a hungry person’s favourite day of the week?

33. Why did Thomas the Tank Engine stop working on Friday?
He ran out of steam

34. What day of the week did the Toad like the most?

35. What’s an introvert’s favourite day of the week?

36. How can a man leave home on Friday, stay away for 4 nights, and then return on Friday?
Friday is the name of his horse.

37. I don’t believe in Friday the 13th because I’m not superstitious.
I’m just a little bit stitious.

38. What day is worse than Friday the 13th?
Monday the 13th

39. What’s Jack Black’s favourite day of the year?
Black Friday

40. Why did Friday seek a doctor’s advice?
He felt week.

41. What’s a narcissist’s favourite day of the week?

42. Why did the student cheer when he got home from school?
It’s Friyay!

43. What did the Iceberg say to the Romaine on Friday?
Lettuce celebrate!

44. When do rich people celebrate Black Friday?
Every day.

45. What’s a shopaholic’s favourite day of the week?

More Friday Jokes

46. Why did the French person go to McDonalds?
It was French Fry-Day.

47. What’s a tailor’s favourite day of the week?

48. What’s the best music to play on Friday night?
The Weeknd

49. What deal did the teacher give the students on Black Friday?
50 per cent off late assignments.

50. What did the horse get for Black Friday?
A Macintosh.

51. Why don’t people lift heavy weights on Fridays?
It is a weak day.

52. Why was the customer unhappy with the vacuum he brought on black Friday sales? It sucked.

53. What do you call the day when you have to submit a huge assignment that you have yet to start?

54. Nice people don’t go to work on Fridays.
They make an appearance.

55. They asked me to follow my dreams this Friday.
I went back to sleep right away.

56. Why was the hospital empty?
Because it is a feel-good Friday.

57. Why was the boat shop owner happy on Black Friday?
It was the most successful sail of that year.

58. Why do you like Fridays that much?
Friday is the best F-word ever.

59. What did a worker say to another worker who was not feeling like working on a Friday?
“Just a few more hours of work left, weekend make it!”

60. Where should a cow go on a Friday night after work?

61. Why are Saturday and Sunday the strongest days of the week?
Because Monday through Friday are weekdays.

62. What should you do when life gives you lemons?
Ask for more Friday nights instead.

63. What’s a con artist’s favourite day of the week?

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