Discovering Singapore's Past Through Its Roads

Singapore’s road names and historic locations provide pathways to discover the country’s past.

Guess The Childhood Snack

[Video] Guess The Childhood Snack

Think you know your childhood snacks? How many of these can you identify in under 10 seconds? Why not share this story on your social media platforms and let everyone know your favourite childhood...
Little Stories: The Surrender Agreement Which Ended The Japanese Occupation In Singapore Goes On Display At The Changi Chapel and Museum

Little Stories: Surrender Agreement Which Effectively Ended The Japanese Occupation Of Singapore

On 12 September 1945, the occupying forces of the Japanese officially surrendered Singapore back to the Allies with a surrender ceremony held at the City Hall Chamber of then-Municipal Building, now part of National...
Little Stories: The Obelisk At Labrador Park

Little Stories: The Obelisk At Labrador Park

If you have ever paid a visit to Labrador Park and seen the machine gun nest at Berlayer Point, you may have noticed an obelisk standing quietly in the background. Now extremely weathered, the obelisk...

Chinatown Murals: Heritage In Street Art

Anyone who has walked around Singapore’s Chinatown would have noticed the Chinatown Murals – colourful paintings capturing scenes of yore on the walls of historic buildings. These colourful street art many admirers who stop...
Thian Hock Keng Mural, Singapore

Thian Hock Keng Mural: An Immigrant’s Story

On the rear wall of a 177-year-old temple is a 40-metre long painting that tells the story of early Hokkien immigrants to Singapore. The Thian Hock Keng Mural beautifully illustrates the dreams and struggles...