Bears & Friends: Gummy Store At Haji Lane

Bear and Friends: Gummy Store In Haji Lane
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Selling quality fruit gummies imported from Germany, Bears & Friends is a candy shop that sells a variety of fruit gums with over 80 flavours from the classic fruit gummies to unusual ones such as alcoholic flavoured gummies, spicy and even coffee gummies.

Gummies with natural ingredients

Gummies with natural ingredients

For those who might avoid gummies due to the ingredients that are found in many traditional gummies, Bears & Friends promise the use of natural ingredients and avoid everything artificial such as flavours, colours, stabilizing agents in our products. Their gummies are gluten and lactose-free and customers can choose from their vegan and vegetarian options.

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Bears & Friends at Haji Lane

Bear and Friends at Haji Lane

As one enters their physical store at Haji lane, they are greeted with a display and variety of gummies in the cosy store. The centre is a pick and mix station, while the shelves are lined with pre-packed gummies in different varieties and adorable shapes.

vegan and vegetarian gummy section

Customers can also choose from their vegan and vegetarian gummy section or the various gift packaging options where customers can buy delicious gummies in cute bottles for a versatile gift.

pick and mix

We decided to go for the pick and mix where customers can choose from more than 20 different varieties on display and sample combinations of their choice. Do note that there is a minimum weight for a pick and mix cup. Some interesting gummies that we tried included the fruit juice gummies, the iceberg candy which is lemon ice flavoured, strawberry milkshake and cola bottles.

Types of Gummies at Bears & Friends

Types of gummies at Bear and Friends

There were also gummy animals such as hippos, bears, pumas, elephants, snakes and even frogs. There were flavours such as pear, raspberry, cherry, orange, blackcurrant and lemon.

For those who enjoy something sour, Bears and Friends have sour coated gummies in fruity flavours such as strawberry, peach, sour cherry and lemon.

wine gummies

Some unique flavours that we saw included wine gummies which are filled with alcohol and can be added in the pick and mix. Other alcoholic-themed ones include gin and tonic as well as a strawberry daiquiri.

spicy gummies, coffee flavoured gummies and gummies that are reduced in sugar.

There are also slightly more unique flavours such as spicy gummies, coffee flavoured gummies and gummies that are reduced in sugar.

A gummy that we highly recommend trying are the honey bee gummies. These honey gummies are made with 11% honey and we enjoyed how soft the gummies were and the distinct flavour of honey.

Bears & Friends Candy Store

Bear and Friends Candy Store

Bears & Friends is located at 78 Haji Lane. Visit the website here for more information and to make online orders.

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