5 Things To Look Out For At The Singapore Discovery Centre

5 Things To Look Out For At The Singapore Discovery Centre
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After six months of renovation, the Singapore Discovery Centre is back in operation and invites visitors to RE-Discover the many amazing and fun refurbished attractions that are now installed. There is much to look forward to with new permanent exhibits, multistorey escape rooms and laser tag rooms using super-advanced technology.

Here are 5 things to look out for at the Singapore Discovery Centre as they officially open their doors to the public on Saturday 31 October 2020.

Through The Lens Of Time

Through The Lens Of Time

After refurbishing the Singapore Discovery Centre’s exhibits gallery, the “Through The Lens Of Time” gallery makes use of augmented technology to give visitors an immersive storytelling experience.

Lens Of Time Japane Singapore war - Singapore Discovery Centre

Using realistically designed exhibits, beautiful animations, sound and video, visitors will go on an emotional journey through our nation’s history. Two of the four segments of this new gallery are currently open and each of them explores specific key moments in Singapore’s history. Read more here.

Black Lake: Escape Room and Laser Tag

Black Lake Laser Battlefield

Spanning 13 rooms across 4 story chapters, get yourself intertwined in the captivating narrative of the mysterious Black Lake Facility. Named after the iconic lake in Singapore Discovery Centre itself, enter these two facilities and expect one adventure after another! The Black Lake Laser Battlefield is where visitors can play laser tag in a virtual arena unlike any other. The Singapore Discovery Centre is the first laser tag arena to use cutting-edge revolutionary projection mapping on as large scale a scale as they have to create multiple gameplay scenarios featuring cyborg, extra-terrestrial and post-apocalyptic realms.

Black Lake Facility

Their Escape Room, named Black Lake Facility is also another attraction that will bring levels of fun to all who visit. Currently the largest multi-storey escape room attraction in Singapore, visitors will be faced with many creative puzzles and themes that suit different age groups. The stories are also all interconnected and so be sure to visit them more than once to understand the full story of the mysterious ancient relic in the Black Lake Facility.

XD Theatre and iWERKS Theatre

XD Theatre

Go on an adventure without having to leave your seat! By integrating motion, special effects, and sound to the new films, the XD Theatre provides an immersive multi-sensory experience to visitors who watch any of their beautifully animated 4D films. They are currently screening two titles, Sky Hunt, which brings you on the heist of the century and Pinocchio – a modern tale as you follow the mischievous puppet through the Land of Toys and Mangiafuoco’s puppet theatre.

iWERKS Theatre

The Singapore Discovery Centre also houses a 344-seater cinema in its premises for friends and families to catch the latest blockbuster movies. From 31 October 2020, iWERKS theatre will kick off with two blockbuster movies – Pinocchio and Trolls World Tour. 

Wild Thyme Café

Wild Thyme Café

What was once a canteen is now transformed into lifestyle café, Wild Thyme Café. Serving both Western and Asian delights, visitors can refuel at the café over some delicious food and drinks and use the café’s versatile ordering system. Also, Singapore Discovery Centre partnered with The Mind Café to bring in board games offerings for visitors to the centre. Visitors can enjoy 2 hours of board games at $15 with free-flow snacks and drinks.

Sustainability Initiatives

672 solar panels

Did you know that to date, the has installed a total of 2,325 solar panels? These can be found on the roof, the lake and also the sheltered walkway of the centre and currently help to offset nearly half of the centre’s electrical consumption. 

The floating platform walking trail installed around the solar panels on the lake will allow visitors to view 672 solar panels up close and understand the works of solar panels as part of the centre’s upcoming eco-trail. The Singapore Discovery Centre aims to work towards becoming a “zero energy building” (a building which can produce enough energy on its own to run itself) in the upcoming years and will also be attempting to enter the Singapore Book of Records with the longest Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) sheltered walkway in Singapore, measuring 173m.

Singapore Discovery Centre

Singapore Discovery Centre

510 Upper Jurong Road, Singapore 638365