5 Reasons To Visit Limbang Park At Choa Chu Kang for Sports And Recreation

5 Reasons To Visit Limbang Park At Choa Chu Kang for Sports And Recreation
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Friends living in Choa Chu Kang and Yew Tee may be familiar with Limbang Park, located just next to KJE and Choa Chu Kang Drive. It is a neighbourhood park with surprisingly a few facilities for different sports. It seemed like a popular spot for older folks in the mornings as well as younger ones later in the day for basketball, futsal and dance.

5 Reasons to Visit Limbang Park, Choa Chu Kang

For those living in the northwest, you might want to visit this park for 5 reasons:

1. Mini Suspension Bridge

Mini Suspension Bridge

The mini suspension bridge will get you swaying left and right, even I couldn’t resist it when I saw it. Although this suspension bridge is not as large as the one at Jurong Bird Park or Jacob Ballas, it adds to the fun.

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2. Zodiac Walk

Zodiac Walk - Limbang Park

The 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac are on display at this Zodiac walk. Spot your animal and you can even get the children to learn the order of the Zodiac. Pity though, the ears of the rabbit are missing.

3. Futsal Court & Basketball Court

Futsal Court & Basketball Court

Avid sports fans will enjoy this park as it has plenty of amenities side by side. The futsal court and basketball court are next to each other. There are also three exercise corners and plenty of space to practise dance or inline-skating with a sheltered multi-purpose court and an open-air space.

4. Two Limbang Park Playgrounds for Different Age groups

Limbang Park playgrounds

There are two Limbang Park playgrounds for the children to play at, one evidently for younger children and one for the older ones. This makes it suitable for siblings of different ages.

The larger playground has a towering structure with two long spiral slides. It is also located to the exercise corner and the multi-purpose court.

Limbang Park playground for toddlers

The smaller playground suitable for toddlers and preschoolers is located nearer the futsal court. It has two sets of slides, different climbing structures, a lazy susan spinner and definitely popular with the younger children.

5. Choa Chu Kang Park Connector

Limbang Park

Limbang Park is connected to Choa Chu Kang North Park Connector. This park connector network links Choa Chu Kang Park to Limbang Park, to Bukit Batok Town Park near Bukit Gombak MRT station. It is ideal for families on wheels to cycle along this connector, with spots to see and play at.

Limbang Park – Suitable for Multi-generational Families

Limbang Park – Suitable for Multi-generational Families

Although the park showed signs of aging and vandalism, it is a pretty good size for families to get together to enjoy different sports. One thing to note is there should be no flying of kites and drones as this park is near Tengah Airbase. Other features of the park include a foot reflexology path as well as sheltered pavilions for rest.

Across the Kranji Expressway, there is another family-friendly park that you can visit – Choa Chu Kang Park.

To get there, take bus 307 to alight at opposite Blk 704 or drive to Blk 536 where parking is readily available.

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