10 Animal-Themed Art & Craft Activities To Do With Kids

10 Animal-Themed Art & Craft Activities to Do With Kids
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Does your child love animals? From simple crafts that even the little ones can make to projects that are suitable for kids that are a little older, there’s sure to be a project that your kid can try during the next craft session at home! Check out these 10 animal-themed art & craft activities to do with kids below.

10 Animal-Themed Art & Craft Activities

Finger Painting Art

Minimise the need for brushes and use little fingers instead to make some cute animal art prints. This is an easy and fun activity is a great sensory activity and one that encourages them to use their imagination. Link here.

Drawing party

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Learn how to draw six different animals in this fun step by step video tutorial. Learn easy ways on how to draw animals such as a donkey, a dinosaur, an elephant, a dragon, a snake and a shark! Link here.

Folded Surprise Animal Drawing Project

What happens when you open the page! In this art activity, kids learn how to draw a folded animal that when opened gives an interesting perspective that is sure to delight! There are also pre-drawn templates in the link of the video for those who wish to have this as a colouring activity instead. Link here.

How to Draw animals with your hand

What kinds of animals can you create with just your hand? This video shows some of the different interesting shapes that you can create using your hands and turn them into animals with the help of some paper and a marker. Link here.

Cute Paper Animals

Have some paper? This video lets kids learn how to make simple versions of endangered animals and create the body using simple cutting skills. They will also learn how to create a shadow, then use line to create the face and details with black paint. Link here.

Paper Giraffe

This easy to follow tutorial teaches kids how to make their own paper giraffe at home! This craft calls for basic materials such as scissors, paper, glue, a ruler, scissors and a pencil. This project is suitable for kids who can use a ruler to take measurements and can handle scissors. Link here.

Cute animals using paper plates

Create cute animals such as the lion, tiger, zebra, pig, dog, elephant and rabbit using a paper plate and some markers. These also make great puppets that kids can use to play pretend after! Link here.

Animal Masks

In this video, you’ll learn how to easily create kids’ masks with materials you can find in the house. It’s a great and fun activity for kids! The materials you will need are a sheet of card, pen and pencil, scissors, crepe paper, paddle pop sticks, glue, a bowl and some water. It’s a fun activity with a new toy to play with after! Link here.

Animal Corner Bookmarks

Want an animal friend to keep you company while you read? Try these cute animal friend bookmarks with endless possibilities to try! From tigers to interesting underwater creatures such as the octopus, make an animal friend to take on your reading adventures today! Link here.

Easy animal origami

Let kids try their hand at some origami by making animals such as the peacock, wolf, butterfly and more! All you need is some origami paper that can be easily bought at most craft stores or on online platforms. Link here.

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