Pezzo Pizza Launches Its First-Ever Fun Box Kids Meal

Pezzo Pizza Launches Its First-Ever Fun Box Kids Meal
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Pezzo Pizza is a familiar name that can be found in many malls and shopping centres around Singapore. The homegrown brand has just launched its first-ever kids meal box, the Pezzo Fun Box.

What’s in the Pezzo Fun Box

What's in the Pezzo Fun Box

The Pezzo Fun Box is a colorfully designed box that comes with a slice of Pezzo’s signature Cheesy Cheese Pizza, a kids favourite.

The Cheesy Cheese Pizza features mozzarella and parmesan cheese, baked on a layer tomato puree that has been spread out on a bed of soft dough. In addition to the slice of Cheesy Cheese Pizza, the Pezzo Fun Box Kids Meal also comes with a packet of Milo, every kids’ favourite beverage.

To complete the fun meal package, the Pezzo Fun Box includes an animal balloon headband and a mystery toy for kids. The Fun Box packaging also has a maze and colouring activities printed on it.

We can see the Pezzo Fun Box being a convenient, all-in-one package for a kid’s party or get-together too, especially if out and about.

Available Islandwide

The Pezzo Kids Meal Fun Box is available at $6.90 from all Pezzo Pizza outlets islandwide.