Mother’s Day Breakfast Recipes Which Kids Can Make

Mother's Day Breakfast Recipes Which Kids Can Make
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A homemade meal is a great way to show mum your love and appreciation this Mother’s Day (and the days after that!), especially if mum is the one doing most of the cooking at home. Here are some kid-friendly fuss-free recipes that the kids can help within the kitchen or even make on their own for mum!

Kid-Friendly Mother’s Day Breakfast Recipes

Nutella Stuffed Pancakes

Elevate mum’s morning pancakes with some Nutella stuffed pancakes! These pancakes are also known as Ebelskivers and are originally from Denmark. They easy to make, perfectly bite-sized and filled with a delicious sweet centre! If you do not have a special pan, you can also use a cupcake tray or make this as a regular large round pancake.

French Toast Casserole

This easy French toast casserole recipe is one that you can make a day or at least four to six hours in advance and surprise mum with when she wakes up! This delicious dish also lets you use any bread that needs to be eaten soon. Add some fruits for some extra texture!

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Strawberry Flowers

If mum is a fan of flowers, but this creative twist on that by giving her a plate of strawberry flowers along with some other fruits that are creatively cut to form a picture! You’ll need oranges, strawberries and grapes for this recipe but there are also various easy fruit art that you can do such as this turtle and this strawberry tree.

Banana Mug Cake

Got a minute? This mug cake is moist, flavourful and super easy for kids of most ages to make with minimal supervision. It also requires just a few simple ingredients of banana, flour, bananas, milk, baking soda and some oil. See the quick video tutorial above.

Garlic Butter Pasta

Pasta is a wonderful and versatile dish that is easy to make and there are hundreds of variations. This spicy garlic butter pasta is a savoury option that is easy to make and you can even add mum’s favourite protein if desired for some extra taste and texture.

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