How to Throw an Unforgettable Pool Party

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“I want to have a pool party with all my friends!” If that is the cry of your child, don’t fret! Planning parties may seem daunting but here are five steps to have a relatively fuss-free yet awesome and fun pool party!

1. Theme It

There are lots of different ways to brainstorm themes. Deciding on a theme will help to narrow down the hundreds of possibilities when choosing decorations, food and party invitations. Start by getting your child involved by brainstorming along different categories such as characters they may like (mermaids, nemo and dory, pirates), locations they wish to go to (the beach, on a boat, floating in space) or even colours and textures (“blue and green”, glitter, glow-in-the-dark). It may be tempting to add in a little of everything, but unless you want your theme to be “rojak”, it’s best to stick to one category.

2. DIY Decorations

Decorations don’t have to be complicated or expensive, especially for one-time pool parties. Websites like, Pinterest and Tumblr are your new best friends for the upcoming event as you can find all kinds of simple decorations and recipes. Most of the decorations can easily be made with things around the house, but you can always buy some basic craft supplies and adapt festive decorations to make it relevant to the theme.

Take note of the location of the decorations and adapt the materials accordingly, so that the decorations will not break or dirty the pool. For example, crepe paper should be avoided in wet areas as the colour will run when it comes into contact with water. Use streamers and buntings to fill up larger areas and have a few large centrepieces at locations like the food table. Make use of floats and toys to save on costs.

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3. Invite Special Guests

Inviting friends to the pool party will make it great. But if you want the pool party to be extra special, consider inviting some extra special guests. If your kid ever wanted to meet a mermaid, you can hire talents such as Syrena, Singapore’s first Mermaid to guest star at the pool party. Depending on the theme of the party, you can also hire other talents and mascots. For the added touch of humour and personalisation, get a friend or family member to dress up in a rented costume! Be sure to get your cameras ready to capture the expressions of excitement and happiness when the guest shows up!

Rent Some Floats

A pool party isn’t really a pool party without supersized floats in different shapes and sizes. Thankfully, there are several companies that offer the rental and purchase of these floats, many of which come with pumps and different packages and sizes. Here are some that you can consider: LetsFloatSg, Beachyfloat and Misty Daydream.

From giant pizzas and unicorns to flamingos, these will be fun to incorporate into any games segment. Another interesting idea, if you have your own personal pool, would be to blow up some balloons and let them float all over the surface of the pool. This will definitely give an interesting visual to the pool and kids will definitely be excited to jump right in!

5. Plan Games and Activities

There are many simple and fun games that can be played in a pool. For children who are experienced swimmers, a simple team race or a game of water polo will be enjoyable. For children who may not be so experienced in swimming, they can play simpler games such as “fishing” using DIY rods and magnets. For those who may wish to stay a little drier, you can have fun activities such as making your own ice cream! This is sure to be another hit as kids can have the fun of choosing what toppings they want in the ice cream and beat the heat at the same time.

So there you have it! Stay safe and have a splashing good time at your pool party!

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