How To Play Zero Point: The Rubber Band Jumping Game

zero point
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Among the old school games, Zero Point is one that truly tests the limits of agility. Also called yeh-yeh by members of the Malay community, Zero Point was a popular game played during the kampong days. This game is inexpensive, easy to pick up and great to play in groups. Here’s how you play Zero Point.

Materials needed for Zero Point

01 zeropoint

  • Rubber Bands or a long string of rubber bands
  • A group of three or more people

How to make a Zero Point chain

  1. Have a bag of rubber bands with at least 50 rubber bands. Start the rubber band chain by taking two rubber bands together and linking them together. Make a loop and pull them through
  2. Thread another rubber band through the new loop. Keep creating new loops and extend the rubber band chain.
  3. Ensure the rubber band chain is at least a metre long so that there is sufficient space for three people to stand equidistant to each other in a line.

How to play Zero Point

The aim of the game is to cross the rubber band chain by jumping across. Players who successfully make it across move on to the next level, while those who do not will lose their turn. It is similar to limbo, with the modification of having to go under, rather than over.

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With each successful jump, the difficulty is raised as the rubber band chain is raised higher until players are unable to cross it. There are different heights that the players have to clear:

  • Ground
  • Ankle
  • Knee
  • Waist
  • Shoulder
  • Ear
  • Head

Players can take turns to jump across the rubber band chain and the ones who successfully clear all the heights will win the game.

Video tutorial on how to play Zero Point

For a visual reference on how to make a rubber band chain and how to play Zero Point, watch the video below here:

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