Enter A Multistorey Escape Room At Singapore Discovery Centre

Enter Multistorey Escape Room At Singapore Discovery Centre
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What is now Singapore’s “biggest and most immersive escape room”, the Black Lake Facility is a multistorey escape room at Singapore Discovery Centre with more than 13 interconnected rooms. The Black Lake Facility Escape Room in Singapore Discovery Center is an escape room that is the first of its kind and sure to entertain and excite all who enter.

The name is similar to that of the Laser Tag facility in the Singapore Discovery Centre. The main storyline allows visitors to follow the fate of five brave soldiers who were sent on “Operation Onyx” – a top-secret military reconnaissance mission to the alternative dimension. Get drawn into the mysteries behind the Black Lake Facility to find out more about the mysterious ancient relic and its ability to transport its users to another dimension.

Black Lake Facility at Singapore Discovery Centre

Black Lake Facility at Singapore Discovery Centre

Visitors will role-play as special agents, find out what dangerous discoveries the soldiers have made in the other world, and how these will impact us all.

This multi-sensory attraction makes use of smart technology such as motion sensors, touch sensors and UV lighting in its puzzle pieces giving you an out-of-the-world escape room experience.


Chapters of Black Lake Facility

Chapters of Black Lake Facility

There are four themed chapters: The Armoury, The Medical Centre The Research Lab and The Basement. Each chapter has a different thrill factor and difficulty rating.

The Armoury

In the armoury, the soldiers’ living quarters bear witness to the secret and intimate conversations between soldiers. Get a close up look into inexplicable and peculiar mysteries surrounding the seemingly innocent common military spaces. Find out more about the dark and sinister secret that this bunk holds and be sure to leave the place before it’s too late!

Thrill Factor: 3/5 Difficulty Level: 4/5

The Medical Centre

Step inside the Medical Centre where accidents and emergencies are dealt with. With answers to the unimaginable horrors and experiences faced by the soldiers during the previous mission, teams have to escape the room and solve the mystery and gain insight into the plight of the victims before their own sanity is affected by what is discovered!

Thrill Factor: 4/5 Difficulty Level: 5/5

The Research Lab

Tick-Tok, hurry! The reactor in the research lab is about to blow! The science team in the lab has mysteriously vanished and the contamination of the virus has begun. The Head Scientist in charge of the laboratory has a strange fascination that she is trying to hide and its up to you and your team to find out her secret and power down the reactor in before it is too late!

Thrill Factor: 3/5 Difficulty Level: 4/5

The Basement

The basement

Dark, dank and hidden from the rest. The Basement is the perfect place to conceal a gruesome tragedy. Someone or something twisted and depraved lurks below. There is imminent danger to anyone who poses a threat to its existence. Your investigation team must orchestrate a heart-pounding escape fast through the twists and turns of the Basement before it is too late.

Thrill Factor: 5/5 Difficulty Level: 4/5

Visit Black Lake Facility

Visit Black Lake Facility

If you are excited to try to explore these different chapters, you can book your tickets at the Singapore Discovery Website here.