#Clean Plate Challenge: Deliveroo Partners Food From The Heart To Address Food Insecurity

#CleanPlateChallenge: Deliveroo Singapore Partners Food From The Heart To Address Food Insecurity
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Help to alleviate child hunger by taking the #CleanPlateChallenge, the first initiative by Deliveroo Singapore in its partnership with charity organisation Food from the Heart.

The long-term partnership between Deliveroo and Food from the Heart is part of the former’s community-focused campaign in Singapore, No Child Goes Hungry, to tackle food insecurity among children.

Deliveroo Singapore’s Partnership with Food from the Heart

From 28 September to 16 October 2020, Deliveroo Singapore will donate $1 in support of Food from the Heart’s Clean Plate Campaign for each submission received in the #CleanPlateChallenge social media challenge. The company will donate up to a total of $10,000.

The donations raised from the #CleanPlateChallenge will go to beneficiaries of Food from the Heart’s School Goodie Bag programme. This programme focuses on providing underprivileged primary and secondary school students and their families with food rations and better nutrition.

Inside the School Goodie Bag food pack are staples, vegetables, proteins and cooking essentials to aid beneficiaries in maintain a well-rounded diet.

“Times are tough and the School Goodie Bag food pack has helped me a lot. My kids like the food that I make with it and I don’t have to worry about them not having enough food. They can concentrate on their school,” said Amilah, a single mother and Food from the Heart beneficiary.

Taking Part in the #CleanPlateChallenge

Deliveroo Singapore’s Partnership with Food from the Heart - #CleanPlateChallenge

To lend your support to the #CleanPlateChallenge, finish up a serving of food, take a picture of the empty plate or takeaway box and upload it to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #CleanPlateChallenge. Also tag Deliveroo Singapore and Food from the Heart on the social media post.

Nominate and tag friends to help spread the word.

The Clean Plate Campaign was started by Food from the Heart in conjunction with the annual World Food Day on 16 October to raise awareness of the impact of food wastage and to inculcate the habit of mindful eating.

Sim Bee Hia, CEO of Food from the Heart, said, “We are deeply heartened that Deliveroo has stepped forward to join our cause of minimising food waste and feeding the hungry needy, more so during these challenging times. The generous donation will go a long way in bettering the lives of our young beneficiaries and their families through nutritious food. We look forward to a most fruitful partnership in alleviating child hunger together.”

“The Clean Plate Campaign marks the first initiative of our long-term partnership with Food from the Heart. We look forward to continuing our support through the No Child Goes Hungry initiative to deliver real, tangible changes that will help our environment and the disadvantaged in society,” said Sarah Tan, Interim General Manager, Deliveroo Singapore.