Class 95 DJ Vernon A, Father of 3 Boys, Share On What Its Like Being A #Boydad

Class 95 DJ Vernon A, Father of 3 Boys, Share On What Its Like Being A #Boydad
Image: Vernon A
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Vernon A is best known for being one half of The Muttons on Class 95. As a father of a teen and two toddlers, Vernon shares with us how parenting three boys is like without help! Despite running several F&B businesses and being a full-time DJ, Vernon juggles fatherhood using his own experience as a boy growing up with two other brothers.

Little Day Out’s Interview with Vernon A

Tell us about your family and how you have been managing family life in the midst of the pandemic.

Little Day Out's Interview with Vernon A
Image: Vernon A

Ethan is now 18, while Liam is 2 and Niall will be turning 1 this November. It’s not easy due to my younger ones, especially if they’re both at home you really need both parents around. So, when I have to work, Jayne handles both and I really don’t know how she does it because I think it would be disastrous if I tried. We don’t have a helper and I don’t think we’ll get one anytime soon, as long as we can handle it so wish us good luck ok!

Vernon and his son
Image: Vernon A

Ethan is pretty mature for his age so I don’t worry about the nitty gritty but spend my time mostly giving him advice about the things that he goes through as a young adult. With the two little ones, it’s a handful as you need the energy and time at that age to handle them.

What are three things you love about being a #fatherofboys?

Firstly, coming from a family with three boys myself, I hope that they will all grow up to have common interests and keep each other company (so I can play my PS5 and watch football haha).

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Secondly, again coming from a family of three boys, I hope that I can relate to my real-life experiences and pass on my wisdom to them.

Thirdly, though the idea of a girl is nice, I think being a #fatherofboys is definitely challenging, but fun at the same time. I will cherish all the moments, ups and downs and always be thankful.

How did you help Liam transition to the role of a big brother?

Transitioning to role as a big brother
Image: Vernon A

I didn’t really have to do much because Liam was still below 2 when Niall was born but during Jayne’s pregnancy, we kept referring to her tummy as “Didi” and baby so he’d hopefully understand that someone was coming. We also got him a nice gift and said it was from “Didi” when Niall was born.

With the experience of parenting your teen, how has this changed your perspective and methods parenting a baby and a preschooler?

Yeah, for sure because they are all at different stages of their life. For my eldest son it’s more helping make decisions about school, part time work and relationships.

For the 2 younger ones it’s more playtime, learning and discipline so yeah switching hats from old to young is quite the juggling act but a really fun process at the same time.

Tell us about typical Little Day Out with your family is like. Can you recommend a spot your sons love?

My 2 year old Liam is really into cycling although I’m the one doing the cycling and he’s the passenger. We also enjoy swimming and heading to the playground – the usual stuff. Due to the pandemic, we don’t really head out these days so as to protect the safety and well being of my little ones.

Thank you, Vernon for the insights!

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