Bite-Sized Parenting: Lessons From The Older Generation To The Next

Bite-Sized Parenting: Lessons From The Older Generation To The Next
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What better way to gain wisdom than to ask those who have walked before us? As we started the New Year, I took the opportunity to ask my own parents, aunts and uncles for their top three pieces of advice in life.

With each of them having lived a good 60 to 80 years, and having several adult children and grandchildren between them, their experience in life counts.

Here’s a list of their bite-sized top advice in life consolidated.

1. Be Smart About Your Health

Be in tune with your body and when things aren’t right, seek the best medical advice you can. Exercise more and do it frequently.

2. Take Life As It Goes Along

Try not to let the wicked or those who judge bother you. Let it go. Stay gentle and be at peace with everyone in life.

3. Know What You Want And Go For It

Know what you want and go for it, even if it ruffles feathers. As a saying goes: “Not everyone can understand your journey. That is okay. You’re here to live your life, not to make everyone understand.”

4. Be Patient With Everyone

Everyone has their own struggles and a past that you may not know of. Be patient with all you meet.

5. Live, Love, Laugh

Live life fully, grow in love and thrive whatever the circumstance. Remember that the greatest of all is love and extend love to everyone. Laugh always.

6. Be Thankful

Advice from Grandparents

Be thankful, be grateful and whether you have none, little or too much, be content with what you have.

7. Spend Within Your Means

Do not overextend yourself. Live within or below your means.

8. Celebrate Every Victory

Celebrate every victory, even if it might not seem to matter.

9. Listen To Good Advice

Stay grounded and listen to good advice!

Have you also received great advice from your seniors? Share it with us by emailing us and we’ll add it to this list so more can benefit from this collective wisdom.

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