Ah Guo’s National Day 2020 Colouring Activity

Ah Guo’s National Day 2020 Colouring Activity
Image: NDPeep Facebook
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In a recent interview with Little Day Out, artist Lee Kow Fong, better known as Ah Guo, shared that he is “inspired by basically anything in everyday life. The best resources are simply out there everywhere, we just need to open our eyes to see and feel. I’m also inspired by love, hope and dreams.”

This optimism is evident in his latest colouring activity sheet, a collaboration with the National Day Organising Committee for National Day 2020.

NDP2020 Colouring Activity

NDP2020 Colouring Activity
Image: NDPeeps Facebook

The SG555 colouring activity sheet shows familiar scenes including characters reciting the National Pledge and a flag raising ceremony. The buntings are out and a signboard declares this year’s theme, Together A Stronger Singapore.

Also featured are NDP elements found in this year’s celebrations such as the mobile column, represented by a Leopard 2SG tank, the delta formation of jets in the sky and the State Flag under a Chinook helicopter.

Acknowledging the current tribulations of the COVID-19 situation, the characters are wearing face masks or shields.

However, one of the striking features of the NDP2020 colouring sheet is everyone is facing forward – an embodiment of the Majulah Singapura spirit.


If you are looking for something to do as a family for National Day 2020, you can download the NDP colouring sheet here.

Share the completed artwork on social media with hashtags #NDP2020 #TogetherStrongerSG.