5 Easy DIY Projects To Spruce Up Your Room

living room
Image: Unsplash
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Spending more time at home and in your room? Refreshing the space with some new projects is a great way to bring in new motivation and lift your spirits. Here are five DIY projects to spruce up your room.

5 Easy DIY Projects

Cloud Lamp

Cloud Lamp
Image: HGTV Handmade

Ever wanted a cloud in your room? It can happen with this simple yet impressive DIY that can be made using relatively affordable materials such as a white paper lantern and some polyfill fibre. You can also add Styrofoam balls to make the cloud even bigger. Watch the DIY tutorial here.

DIY business card holder

Image: eskaamakes

Here’s a cheap and easy DIY that will bring some class and style to your space. Using just two materials of paint and an egg carton, see how you can make this cheap and creative business cardholder. Read how to make this here.

Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame Plant Hanger
Image: macrameforbeginners

Macrame Plant Hangers are a lovely way to elevate the look of any room by adding some extra greenery and texture. Most Macrame plant hangers are created using the basic knots, knotted in different patterns. You can find the desired cord length and colour to accommodate the pot that you wish to put in the hanger. Get a list of resources here and watch a video tutorial here.

Terrazo Coaster

Terrazo Coaster
Image: gathered

Plain coasters, move aside! These colourful lay terrazzo coasters are a fun project to fancy up your morning cup of coffee or the cups of water in between. Use neutral shades of polymer clay to keep it minimal, or swap in bright speckles to give your DIY coasters a confetti vibe. Read the tutorial here. 

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DIY Budget-Friendly Letter Board

DIY Budget-Friendly Letter Board
Image: thediyplaybook

Start the morning with a motivational quote or keep your to-do list insight in an aesthetically pleasing way. Letterboards can be expensive to buy and you might also want to custom them to suit the theme of the room. See how you can DIY a budget Friendly Letter Board in this tutorial here.