P3 GEP Virtual Open House This Jul And Aug! (FREE)

Primary 1 to 3 Parents and Children – want to learn more about the yearly P3 Gifted Education Programme (GEP) Screening and Selection Tests and life in GEP? Join Think Academy’s P3 GEP Virtual Open House free activities for exclusive insights!

P3 GEP Virtual Open House

Think Academy’s (part of NYSE-listed TAL Education Group) GEP Master Teachers and Curriculum Specialists are former GEP Students, Math Olympiad Winners & MOE Teachers who are graduates of Raffles Institution, Princeton University and NTU.

FREE events and activities include:

🌟 GEP Math Challenge – Primary 1, 2 and 3 Tracks available
🌟 Online timed P3 GEP Mini Screening Test featuring typical GEP Question Types
🌟 Informative GEP Webinar Lesson to explain challenging questions from P3 GEP Screening Quiz by Master Teacher Belinda, a Former GEP Student, Math Olympiad Winner and Princeton Graduate
🌟 Free P3 GEP Math Trial Lessons taught by our GEP Master Teachers who are Former GEP Students

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P1 to P3 GEP Math Challenges (FREE)

P1 to P3 GEP Math Challenges (FREE)

Let your child try out GEP Math screening test question types that require strong Math sense, logical reasoning and critical thinking! Gain familiarity with challenging GEP question types not taught in schools. Available from now till 11 Aug 2021.

These GEP Math Questions are designed by Think Academy’s GEP Curriculum Specialists and Master Teachers who were Former GEP Students, Ex-MOE Teachers with GEP Curriculum and Teaching Experience, Local and International Math Olympiad Winners and Graduates of the World’s Top Universities including Oxford, Princeton, NUS & NTU!

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P3 GEP Mini Screening Test & Live Zoom Webinar Lesson (FREE)

P3 GEP Mini Screening Test & Live Zoom Webinar Lesson (FREE)

Wonder how your child will perform in a time-based setting? Get access to 20 commonly tested P3 GEP screening questions in our timed online mini test! Attempt our timed quiz by 11 Jul Sunday, then join GEP Math Master Teacher Belinda’s FREE Zoom webinar lesson on 12 Jul Monday 7.30pm to learn how to solve selected challenging questions from the P3 GEP Mini Screening Test – parents will get exclusive data insights into participants’ aggregated scores as well!

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P3 GEP Trial Online Classes (FREE)

P3 GEP Trial Online Classes (FREE)

Number Matrix, River Crossing Problem and Logical Reasoning Problem – join Think Academy’s (part of NYSE-listed TAL Education Group) GEP Master Teachers, who are former GEP students, graduates of Princeton University and NTU and Math Olympiad Winner to learn P3 GEP Math knowledge and skills in our 2-hour free trial live online classes on 14 and 15 July (Wed & Thu)!

These trial classes give a sneak peek of our July and August 5-day P3 GEP Math Booster Programmes that give a boost ahead of the 18 August 2021 P3 GEP Screening Exercise.

What’s included:

🔷 2-Hour Live Online Lesson taught by our GEP Math Master Teachers
🔷 Complementary Course Materials for Comprehensive Online Learning
🔷 Post Lesson Homework, marked with feedback provided by our GEP Math Guiding Teacher
🔷 Highly Interactive, Engaging & Effective Live Online Learning powered by our In-House Developed EdTech-Powered Learning Platform
🔷 6-Month Video Playback of the Lesson to Recap and Revise

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About Think Academy

Think Academy is part of NYSE-listed TAL Education Group – with 18 years of experience nurturing over 30 million students across 100 cities worldwide!

Think Academy is Your #1 Choice to Strengthen Your Child’s Math Olympiad, Math Heuristics and Higher Order Thinking Skills through Singapore’s First EdTech-Powered, Dual-Teacher Live Online Classes

✅ Top Quality Master Teachers who are former GEP Students and PSLE High Scorers, Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, Nanyang Girls’ High School and Catholic High School Alumni, University of Oxford, Princeton University, UCL, NUS & NTU Masters and Honours Graduates, esteemed Singapore, American and China Math Olympiad Winners and Former MOE Teachers
✅ Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Winners in Singapore Math Olympiads such as SMOPS
✅ Over 18 Years of Curriculum and Teaching Experience and designed based on Singapore’s MOE Math Curriculum and Context
✅ Effective & proven methods to develop strong Math thinking abilities via our in-house developed learning platform packed with interactive learning features