Outdoor School Singapore Year-end Holiday Camps 2022

Outdoor School Singapore (OSS) has a total of 8 adventure camps for children this year-end school holiday 2022!

Outdoor School Singapore Year-end Holiday Camps 2022

Through the day adventure camps for children (aged 5 to 9), little learners will get to discover nature parks in Singapore while developing ecological awareness, empathy & intelligence, growing up to be risk-taking, responsible and resilient citizens.

Outdoor School Singapore Year-end Holiday Camps 2022

Jungle Rescuers

Jungle Rescuers

Always be prepared and on your toes! Pick up first aid techniques and learn how to think strategically and apply outdoor risk assessment whenever one is in pursuit of an adventure.

Location: Hindhede Nature Park

Forest Scouts

Through a child-led rescue mission, learn to identify possible hazards, minimise risks and be equipped with basic survival skills so that one will never fear of being alone in the woods!

Location: Chestnut Nature Park

Enchanted Forest

Get introduced to natural environment with riddles and puzzles. Overcome obstacles and fears as one braves through height element, a solo confidence walk & an ‘endurance walk’ to complete the mission!

Location: Dairy Farm Nature Park

Tall Timber

Tall Timber

Develop higher cognitive functions like focus and perseverance, through a series of challenges that involves skills like knot-tying, setting up structures and shelter-building when outdoors.

Location: Labrador Nature Reserve

Water Trekkers

Get wet and creative while investigating the canals and streams in Singapore. Learn to create special resources such as simple make-shift tools to be used at the different catchment areas.

Location: Local Catchment

Kampong Kakis

Step back in time as we take your child on off-shore adventure to Pulau Ubin. Experience the lifestyle of the last few kampongs in Singapore and explore the rich biodiversity that the island has to offer.

Location: Pulau Ubin

Explorers’ Daycation

Explorers' Daycation

Experience a holiday without parents with a Daycation at D’Resort, Downtown East! Get meaningfully engaged and learn important life skills like meal planning, budgeting, fire safety, and outdoor cooking.

Location: NTUC D’Resort

Young Leaders

Young Leaders

Allow our would-be leaders a unique opportunity to take part in a curated Bootcamp that develops their personal and leadership qualities such as grit, focus and problem-solving skills.

Location: Pulau Ubin

Develop Life-skills & Ecological Awareness

Children will hone life-skills like resilience, communication and problem-solving through age-appropriate activities throughout the programmes!

At OSS, all of our instructors practice nature pedagogy in their teaching and is equipped with ecological awareness to guide children’s learning.

Prices range from $330 to $430 (before prevailing GST). Get more details about Outdoor School Singapore Holiday Camp 2022.