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Gallery Children’s Biennale 2019: Embracing Wonder – Imaginative Worlds Made Visible Through Art

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Gallery Children’s Biennale 2019: Embracing Wonder at National Gallery Singapore spreads the message of art as a way to discover and explore new worlds.

This second edition of Gallery Children’s Biennale features 9 artworks by 10 Singaporean and Southeast Asian artists. It is a hands-on exhibition that invites children and adults alike to embrace the wonder of the world around us.

Gallery Children’s Biennale 2019: Embracing Wonder Highlights

The Oort Cloud and the Blue Mountain

National Gallery Childrens Biennale The Oort Cloud
Image: National Gallery Singapore

Created by husband and wife team Hazel Lim-Schlegel and Andreas Schlegel with the help of their young daughter Hannah, The Oort Cloud and Blue Mountain is a 3D motion-activated wall-relief artwork complete with LED lights, sounds, handmade objects and sensors. A re-imagined playground, visitors to Gallery Children’s Biennale 2019 can embark on a sensory adventure while interacting and engaging with this exhibit which has been crafted with an amalgam of different materials ranging from fluffy pom-pom balls to shiny acrylic beads.

The Other Wall

National Gallery Childrens Biennale The Other Wall
Image: National Gallery Singapore

In The Other Wall, visitors enter an alternate world catching a rare glimpse of a typical Burmese childhood. Carefully and thoughtfully constructed by Burmese artists Nge Lay and Aung Ko, step inside two traditional Burmese houses. These houses and the surrounding plants are painted in gold, a culturally significant precious metal in Burmese culture that symbolises knowledge and enlightenment.

Dayung Sampan – Be Your Own Captain On Deck

National Gallery Childrens Biennale Dayung Sampan
Image: National Gallery Singapore

Located at the Keppel Centre of Art Education – recipient of 2018 Children in Museums Award, Dayung Sampan consists of various sculptures such as large propellers, a giant sampan and an enormous birdcage for visitors to play with and explore. This space also contains large triangular beanbags that are reminiscent of the type used to play five stones, a traditional Singaporean game.

Play by the River

National Gallery Childrens Biennale Play by the River
Image: National Gallery Singapore

Inspired by the 1974 painting by Liu Kang Life by the River, this installation at the City Hall Foyer lets you step into the “painting” and experience what it is like to be surrounded by ducks or engage in the traditional game of five stones. Go ahead and “Play by the River”.

These are just a sample of the fun and interactive installations that can be found at Gallery Children’s Biennale 2019. Be sure to make your way around to all 11 installations and exhibits to get the full experience.


Gallery Children’s Biennale 2019 Programmes


Embrace the World X The Story of Karung Guni Boy

Sat 9 Nov | City Hall Wing, Level 1, Outside Keppel Centre for Art Education
Each quarter, The Story of Karung Guni Boy will unveil a new surprise for visitors. View changing mini exhibits displayed in the letterboxes and enjoy accompanying activities including craft and music programmes.

Sound Makers by Little Creatures

Sat 9 Nov | City Hall Wing, Level 1, Outside Keppel Centre for Art Education |
Registration Required
2–2.30pm | 3–6 years
3.30–4pm | 18–36 months
4.30–5pm | 0–18 months
Create rhythms and beats using recycled items such as bottles and tin cans in this fun parent-child workshop.

Gallery Signs Storytelling

Sat 16 Nov | 2.30pm, 4pm | City Hall Wing, Level 1, Outside Keppel Centre for Art Education | Recommended for ages 6+ | Registration Required.
Enjoy a masterful Singapore Sign Language retelling of Karung Guni Boy by deaf storyteller
Gohpi Nathan, interpreted into verbal English for hearing children.



Workshop with Andreas Schlegel and Hazel Lim-Schlegel

Sun 1 Dec | 2-5pm | City Hall Wing, Level 5, Rooftop Studios | Registration Required.
Spend an afternoon tinkering with arts and crafts related to the themes in The Oort Cloud and the Blue Mountain.

Resonates With: Musicians’ Initiative

Sat 28 Dec | 2pm, 3pm, 4pm | Padang Atrium
Be mesmerised by this acclaimed homegrown orchestra and watch up-and-coming musicians, conductors and composers perform.


“Art is a Place for Children to Learn About Themselves”

“The Gallery strongly believes that art plays a huge role in the development of our future
generations. Art is a place for children to learn about themselves, trust their ideas, and explore what is possible, all of which are important in enabling children to become confident, independent thinkers. Hence, we are always looking at innovative ways to engage with young learners to nurture an early interest in art by showcasing how it can be fun, inspirational and educational. Through the Gallery Children’s Biennale, we hope to create a platform where younger visitors together with their parents, can come together and be inspired by what art has to offer,” said Ms Suenne Megan Tan, Director, Audience Development & Engagement, National Gallery Singapore.

Find out more about Gallery Children’s Biennale 2019 here.

Event Information

Gallery Children’s Biennale 2019: Embracing Wonder – Imaginative Worlds Made Visible Through Art

Start date: 25/5/19 0:00
End date: 29/12/19 23:59