Bite-sized Parenting: Ideas For Lunchbox Notes

Bite-sized Parenting: Ideas For Lunchbox Notes
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What’s a very easy and quick way to tell your child your love besides a hug and kiss?

Lunchbox notes!

Short messages placed in a snackbox or lunchbox can sure cheer your child up in many ways. Whether it’s a written joke or an encouragement, a surprise note in the lunchbox is bound to put a smile on your child’s face!

You could also pre-write them and keep them stored in a box. Then when they are needed, put them into the lunchbox without fretting about time constraints or forgetting to write a note.

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Creative and Heart-warming Ways to Make Lunchbox Notes

1. Love Notes

A snackbox prepared with love is best topped with a note with a parent’s love! A simple “I love you” or “I miss you”, “Thinking of you” means a lot.

2. Corny Jokes

How about a joke or two to send the child some laughter?

Some examples of riddles guaranteed to make your child snigger here:

Why was the math book sad?
It had too many problems.

What kind of shorts do clouds wear?

Why were the strawberries upset?
They were in the jam.

3. A Surprise Doodle

Lunchbox notes don’t have to be all about words especially if you have preschoolers who do not know how to read yet. How about an adorable surprise doodle?

A doodle of your child’s favourite soft toy, character, food or even person is a welcome sight in the middle of the school day. You can even make a surprise doodle by folding the paper on top of itself to form an accordion fold.

4. Encouragement Notes

Creative and Heart-warming Ways to Make Lunchbox Notes
Image: Denise Karis on Unsplash

Sometimes we all need a midday encouragement. There are bad days in school when it does not seem smooth-sailing. Send your child some encouragement because you don’t really know when he or she may need it.

Examples include “You can do it!”, “I’m rooting for you!”, “Keep trying, I believe in you.”, “Some things might be tough, but you are one tough cookie!”.

5. Brainteasers

How about some brain gymnastics? Try putting some brainteasers in the snackbox especially for children who love solving good puzzles. Matchstick puzzles, word puzzles, mini crosswords, short math sums could be a fun exercise during the snack break!

6. Write a poem or a haiku

Write a silly poem for your dear child. It could be a strange haiku or a poem that rhymes dramatically. A special poem from mum or dad is a great way of saying hello and reminding your child that half the school day is done!

7. Recall a memory, draw or write it out

Reminiscing about good family times can be beneficial to the soul. Perhaps you can write or draw out a favourite family memory that your child would love to be reminded of. Whether it’s a family trip, staycation, visit to the park, borrowing books at the library or watching a movie together, thinking of fond memories can be a mood-lifter.

8. Sneak in a keepsake

Sneak in a little knick-knack for the child to discover. For safety, it has to be large enough not to be swallowed and of course unmistakably a toy. Examples are a little figurine, a sparkly star or a

9. Stickers – for them to spread some kindness

Stickers are a favourite, how about giving your child more so they can share them with their classmates? Sticker-sharing was a favourite activity of my son in preschool, and he would also come home with many stickers from his giving classmates.

Lunchbox Love, Words and Gifts


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Besides food, words and pictures are an easy way to communicate your care and love for your little one. Pack the lunchbox, and don’t forget the note or a riddle!

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