Virtual Learn-to-Cycle Workshops

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Join the free virtual Learn-to-Cycle workshop series by Biking Singapore. Get tips on how to learn to cycle as well as fun cycling activities.

Virtual Learn-to-Cycle Workshops

The five-part series will be conducted on both weekdays and weekends.

More details of the workshops can be found here.

Here are the various dates and topics being covered during the Virtual Learn-to-Cycle Workshops:

Learn-to-Cycle Workshop: Bike Fit & Seating Posture15 June 2020, 8 pm13 June 2020, 11 am
Learn-to-Cycle Workshop: The Walking Drill & Handlebar Management17 June 2020, 8 pm14 June 2020, 11 am
Learn-to-Cycle Workshop: Pedal & Cycling Manoeuvre Management19 June 2020, 8 pm20 June 2020, 11 am
Beginner Cycling Workshop: Cycling Drills for Beginner21 June 2020, 8 pm21 June 2020, 11 am
Intermediate Cycling Workshop: Basic Mountain Biking Drills & Bicycle Maintenance24 June 2020, 8 pm27 June 2020, 11 am
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