Popular BookFest 2019 At Suntec Convention: Much More Than Assessment Books

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Popular Bookstore is a household name and, from 6 to 15 December, the Popular BookFest 2019 Singapore at Suntec Convention Centre Level 4 is offering big box shopping with stationery, gadgets, snacks and, of course, a wide array of books.

Popular BookFest 2019 is the 13th instalment of the annual event. It also marks the conclusion of Popular’s 95th anniversary celebrations. Occupying Suntec Convention Halls 401 to 406, you can spend plenty of time browsing through the endless aisles of merchandise.

Educational Resources

Assessment Books, Popular BookFest 2019One of the draws of BookFest 2019 for parents is the chance to score some bargains on assessment books for the next school year. There are discounts on the various books from many leading publishers.

While that is true, there is much more to see at the mega fair. Just like how most Popular Bookstores are nowadays filled with much more than books, the Popular BookFest has different departments and zones stocked with tech, food and merchandise.

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AR Educational ResourcesIn terms of educational resources, have a look at educational titles from Educational Publishing House (EPH) which make use of Augmented Reality to enhance learning. It is designed to make learning Mandarin more engaging for children.

Creative AR MagicCreative AR Magic is targeted at preschoolers. It makes use of an iPad to read out loud to children. This provides a way for kids to be introduced to Mandarin in an interactive manner.

KamibotKamibot is the world’s first programmable paper robot. In line with the move towards teaching kids programming, it can be used to provide children with the basics of coding. This is done by having kids learn to programme tasks such as cleaning and treasure hunting – an interesting way to make programming concepts more concrete and relatable to young children.

Gadgets, Tidbits Carnival and Gifts

This year, Gadget & IT section is larger than ever with experiential booths with laptops, printers and even gaming peripherals.

Tidbits CarnivalAnother popular (no pun intended) section at BookFest 2019 is the Tidbits Carnival. Look out for deals on snacks such as Mala Chicken Skin and Guinness Potato Chips.

Other sections to shop at include the stationery, toys and gifts zones.

Popular BookFest 2019 At Suntec Convention: Much More Than Assessment BooksSingaporean Sketches, a book updated and annotated from the original by local writer Lu Poh-Yeh which was release more than 60 years ago was also launched at BookFest 2019. It was published by the Chou Sing Chu Foundation, the non-profit set up by Mr Chou Cheng Ngok, Group CEO of Popular Holdings in conjunction with Popular’s 95th anniversary and the Singapore Bicentennial.

Stage Programmes at Popular BookFestStage activities will also be held at Popular Bookfest 2019 through the 10-day event.

Shopping TrolleySo, if you are heading down, pick up a shopping trolley and get going.

Popular BookFest SingaporeThere are 67 checkout counters ready to serve so hopefully you won’t have to wait too long to check out with your purchases!

Popular BookFest 2019

Where: Suntec Convention Halls 401 to 406
When: 6 to 15 Dec, 10 am to 10 pm

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