Kaesac December Holiday Workshops 2018

Kaesac Learning Centre’s Nov/Dec 2018 Holiday Workshops

Not sure what to do during the school holidays? Check out our age-appropriate fun holiday workshops. They are action-packed and full of activities, workshops that will make your child go WOW!
Nursery Crimes

Nursery Crimes


Little Day Out Birthday Party Zone for Children’s Birthday Parties in Singapore


Caterpillar Cake Original


Excavators closer

Excavator-crazy Kids Dig Up a Storm at Diggersite

Every time our toddler sees an excavator at a construction site, he yells, “Excavator! Excavator!” like he has just made the discovery of the...
Bee Trail At HortPark: The Buzz On The Bees

Bee Trail At HortPark: The Buzz On The Bees

Visiting the Bee Trail at HortPark, the origins of the expression “as busy as a bee” become clear. With bees buzzing rapidly from flower...
Cookiecraft Studio, Ishiya Chocolate Factory & Shiroi Koibito Park, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Shiroi Koibito Park & Ishiya Chocolate Factory, Hokkaido, Japan: Confection At Its Finest

If you have ever imagined a place dedicated to chocolate and other confections, the Shiroi Koibito Park & Ishiya Chocolate Factory in Sapporo, Hokkaido,...
Where to go longkang fishing in Singapore

Where To Go Longkang Fishing in Singapore: Grab A Net And Chase Down Some...

Longkang fishing in Singapore is a fun activity for families and children. Armed with a bucket and simple fishing net, kids get to go...
Fish at Aquaria KLCC, Aquarium at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Aquaria KLCC: Deep Dive at the KLCC Aquarium

Aquaria KLCC provides a look at the wonders hidden within the oceans and waterways of the world. This Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre aquarium has...
Tampines Green Forest Park Playground

Tampines Green Forest Park & Playground: Cargo Net Course

Tampines Green Forest Park is a hidden gem of the East. This playground is sure to be at the top of the kids’ list of...
Changi Beach Park

Changi Beach Park: Seaside Getaway

Want to have a beach get away – without having to leave our shores? A day trip to Changi Beach Park may be in...
Stationery Shops in Singapore

15 Stationery Shops in Singapore: The Cutesy, The Functional, The Hip

Strange as it may sound, we know some folks who find shopping for stationery therapeutic, and dare we say, fun. Maybe it is the...
Plain Vanilla

Tiong Bahru Goes Little: Exploring Tiong Bahru with Kids

The old and the new nestle snugly next to each other in Tiong Bahru. Hip cafes and swanky boutiques lounge easily side-by-side, against the...
Craft Supplies in Singapore

Craft Supplies in Singapore: What and Where to Get

From making a simple potato print to creating elaborate paper dresses, there are many ways to engage kids through craft. It’s no wonder that...
National Orchid Garden, Singapore

7 Top Sights at Singapore’s National Orchid Garden

Singapore's National Orchid Garden is a picturesque attraction that showcases the world’s largest family of flowering plants - orchids. These flowers makeup 10 percent of...
Best Online Resources for Parents

Best Online Resources for the Next-Gen Playlearning Child

We have come up with this really cool list of online resources as part of your parenting arsenal including ideas for preschool education and more!

Amped Trampoline Park: Amplified into Hi-Octane Fun

Amped Trampoline Park gets our vote for the most innovative use of an old school hall in Singapore. Located along Tanjong Katong Road at the...

Genki Sushi: The Food Express

Most casual-dining sushi restaurants are run-of-the-mill, conveyor-belt type establishments. However, bringing new meaning to “express service” is Genki Sushi. Some may remember Genki Sushi, with...

The Battlebox: Hidden Tunnels Under the Forbidden Hill

Hidden in secret tunnels, deep under a hill, top military commanders convene in what is now known as The Battlebox to deliberate the fate...
Birds of Paradise Gelato

Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique: Exotic Flavours That Delight

Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique may sound like a strange name for a shop serving gelato, but it came about because its icy treats...
Fun Facts About the Merlion

Fun Facts About the Merlion

The Merlion is an icon of Singapore. Instantly recognisable around the world, it has been come synonymous with Singapore. Here are some interesting fun...
Istana Park

Istana Park: Gateway to the Civic District

Every day, thousands of people pass by Istana Park without even noticing that it is there. This quiet park found opposite the Main Gates...
Singapore’s Southern Islands

Islands in the Sun: Hopping on to St. John’s, Lazarus, Seringat and Kusu Islands

Looking for a quick getaway from the city? Soak up the sun, explore the flora and fauna on paved tracks linking Singapore’s three southern islands in a day!
Trapizza: Amazing Food, Family-friendly Beachfront Dining At Sentosa

Trapizza: Amazing Food, Family-friendly Beachfront Dining At Sentosa

Renowned for its wood-fired, thin crust pizzas, Trapizza is a family-friendly Italian restaurant along Siloso Beach. Perfect for casual dining with the kids after...
Musical Box at Singapore Musical Box Museum

The Singapore Musical Box Museum: Pause And Listen

Ask many Singaporeans if they are aware of the existence of the Singapore Musical Box Museum and looks of confusion will probably follow. Despite a...
Marina Barrage Water Playground

Marina Barrage Water Playground: Reservoir of Splashing Fun

The Marina Barrage Water Playground entices with a wading pool, vibrant fountains and playful jets of water. With Marina Barrage marking 10 years since...
Synergy Parkland, Kings Park, Perth

Synergy Parkland in Kings Park, Perth: Perfect Family Outdoor Spot

Most out-of-town visitors to Kings Park, Perth usually only make it to the State War Memorial where they can look out at the City...
SAFRA Punggol’s Trails Of The Forbidden Forest: A Family-Friendly Halloween Adventure

SAFRA Punggol’s Trails Of The Forbidden Forest: A Family-Friendly Halloween Adventure

Embark on the Trails of the Forbidden Forest at SAFRA Punggol this October for some spook-tacular family fun. With themed scare zones, carnival games,...
Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan: A Must-Visit Attraction In Osaka

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan: A Must-Visit Attraction In Osaka

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is best known for its star attraction – the whale sharks. And while these large fish are a major reason to...
Big Group Outing Ideas

10+ Awesome Big Group Outing Ideas

skating The dynamics and fun of a large group are different - your kids get to socialise with other kids, and hey, you get to...
My Little Pony Pop-up Café: A Kind Of Magic!

My Little Pony Pop-up Café: A Kind Of Magic!

Calling fans of all things sparkly and magical! Singapore’s first ever My Little Pony Pop-Up Café has finally landed from Equestria for a visit...
Visiting Macau with Kids

Visiting Macau With Kids: Attractions, Experiences & Food

Ever wondered what there is to do in Macau with kids? Wai Ling and her family visited Macau and discovered there is much more to...
TrueLove at Neverland Husky Cafe, Bangkok

TrueLove at Neverland Husky Cafe in Bangkok

Judging by the crowds waiting to play with the dogs, there are plenty of Husky lovers out there and Bangkok's TrueLove at Neverland Husky...
Winding Down at The End of The Day

Get Kids to Wind Down at the End of the Day

Taking care of children the whole day is hardwork and as bedtime draws closer, the tired parent rejoices inwardly. However, bedtime can also be...
Forest Adventure

Forest Adventure: Taking Fun to New Heights at Bedok Reservoir Park

Forest Adventure provides kids with high adrenaline adventure on a rope course set amidst the trees at Bedok Reservoir Park. With revamped rope courses...
Beaches - Sentosa Points of Interest

10 Sentosa Points of Interest To Know About For Maximum Fun

Sentosa is one of Singapore’s go-to place when it comes to relaxation and fun. Filled with varied attractions that cater to families, active and...
Smith Marine Modern Kelong

Smith Marine: Singapore’s First Floating Kelong Restaurant

Want some fresh seafood, views of the sea and an idyllic getaway all rolled into one? It doesn't get further than a 15-minute boat...
Minds Eye

Singapore Science Centre: 11 Exhibits You Must See

“The human mind once stretched by new ideas never goes back to its original dimensions.” This saying by Oliver Wendell Holmes decorates the walls of...

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden: A Secret Garden Just for Kids

READ THE LATEST: Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden: New Extension Makes it the Largest Children’s Garden in Asia Just like Peter Pan’s Never Never Land, the Jacob...


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