KidsFest 2018: Dinosaur Zoo

KidsFest! 2018: Dinosaur Zoo

Meet awesome prehistoric creatures, from cute baby dinos to some of the largest carnivores and herbivores that have ever walked the planet in this fun, educational and unique performance.


Little Day Out Birthday Party Zone for Children’s Birthday Parties in Singapore


Caterpillar Cake Original


CBD Model at Singapore City Gallery

Singapore City Gallery: Glimpse In Singapore’s Urban Future

What does Singapore’s urban future look like? Catch a glimpse of it at the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Singapore City Gallery. Located at the edge of...
Singapore’s Best Swimming Pools for Kids

Singapore’s Best Swimming Pools with Water Play Features for Kids

Slide down with us to Singapore’s best swimming pools for kids with wet, wild twists and immerse your family affordably for a splashing good time!

Best Singapore Attractions for Kids

Haven’t been to the zoo since your school days? With your little one, you may now be considering a yearlong membership. Never thought of...
Pasir Ris Bike Rental Guide

Pasir Ris Bike Rental Guide

Cycling is a activity that many visitors to Pasir Ris Park enjoy. Besides being a great mode of transport, cycling also allows you to...
Ms Susan Kevork, Nestlé Regional Nutritionist, Mr Chow Phee Chat, Director, Marketing Communications and Corporate Affairs of Nestlé Singapore, Mr Colin Schooling, Mr Olivier Aprikian, Head, MILO®, Research & Development and Ms Audrey Tong, Senior Deputy Director of Corporate & Industry Partnerships of HBP toasting with the new MILO® Gao Siew Dai.

New MILO Gao Siew Dai: Make It Instantly At Home

MILO Singapore has unveiled a new MILO variant – the MILO Gao Siew Dai. Gao Siew Dai is local Singaporean speak for “extra thick, less...
Travelling with Baby

Top Tips: Travelling with Baby for the First Time

Time to go exploring! Going for an overseas holiday with your bub may not be as impossible as it may seem. Knowing what to expect...
Night Safari Slow Loris

10 Night Safari Exhibits You Must See

Singapore’s Night Safari makes for a great evening out. Go on a tram ride to view animals in their nocturnal habitats or venture along...
JEM Play, Mudskipper Shopping Centre Playground

Jem Play Shopping Mall Playground: Mudskippers by the Food Court

Located beside the 5th floor Koufu food court at JEM shopping mall, JEM Play is a children's playground that provides a welcomed distraction for...
Ang Pow Craft For The Year Of The Dog

Chinese New Year 2018 Craft: Ang Pow Dog For The Year Of The Dog

Chinese New Year 2018 falls on 16 February. As every year, the kids get all excited about the celebrations. And why not? There are...
Blk 93

The Playgrounds of Commonwealth Crescent

Commonwealth Food Centre and Market at Commonwealth Crescent is one of the few remaining examples of early markets in housing estates. Standing at the...
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

5 Must-Do Attractions To Visit On A Hong Kong Family Vacation

Hong Kong is an exciting holiday destination. When visiting with children, especially when on a Hong Kong family vacation for the first time, there...
New Free-ranging Area for Orangutans at Singapore Zoo

New Orang Utan Free-ranging Area At Singapore Zoo

The next time, you are at the Singapore Zoo, look out for the new orang utan free-ranging area in the trees above you. Opened earlier...
Mobile Phone Lockers at McDonald's Marine Cove

Mobile Device Lockers At McDonald’s Marine Cove To Encourage Quality Family Time

McDonald’s Singapore has introduced mobile device lockers at their flagship Marine Cove restaurant as a way to encourage families to spend more quality time...
Splash @ Kidz Amaze

SAFRA Punggol: For Dad, Mum, and the Kids

There is a little something for everyone at the newly-opened SAFRA Punggol clubhouse. With offerings like a huge indoor water playground, a well-outfitted gym, a spa...

Touring Building Highlights at National Gallery Singapore

The Building Highlights at National Gallery Singapore allows visitors to learn more about the two historic buildings that make up Singapore's latest art space. Find our...
Suica and Pasmo - Tips for Traveling by Train in Tokyo

Quick Tips for Traveling by Train in Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo subway system is one of the most complex in the world. There are 278 stations and 13 lines run by two operators...
Generic colour pencils art - School Holiday Camps and Programmes November - December 2017

Useful List of 50+ Nov & Dec School Holiday Programmes, Camps and Workshops 2017...

Parents, if you are looking for school holiday camps and workshops in Nov/Dec 2017 in Singapore, you've come to the right place. With the...
Statues at Ani-Com Park@Harbour “FUN”

Visiting Hong Kong With Kids: Places To Explore And Discover

Hong Kong is filled with endless eating and shopping opportunities, and many well-known sights and attractions. However, beyond the usual attractions, families visiting Hong Kong...
The Ollie Comics - Diary of a first-time dad

The Ollie Comics: A Rare Family Read

“All night long, all night. All night long, all night.” For weeks, my six-year-old was singing Lionel Richie’s famous song, albeit in the wrong tune. She...
Heritage Museum

Singapore Botanic Gardens (SBG) Heritage Museum and CDL Green Gallery

What is the connection between Whampoa and the Singapore Botanic Gardens? This answer to this question and others from the Singapore Botanic Garden’s 154 year...

The Waterside Playgrounds of Punggol

We went on a playground spree in the new-ish neighbourhood of Punggol, and uncovered some great finds. We reviewed whopping number of 11 playgrounds of...
Synergy Parkland, Kings Park, Perth

Synergy Parkland in Kings Park, Perth: Perfect Family Outdoor Spot

Most out-of-town visitors to Kings Park, Perth usually only make it to the State War Memorial where they can look out at the City...
Sentosa Beach Guide

Sentosa Beach and Waterfront Guide: Locations, Attractions and Restaurants

Sentosa is Singapore’s island getaway. One of the key reasons for visiting is the Sentosa beach, or more accurately beaches. With sandy shores, swaying...
Slide at Downtown East's Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet: Waterpark Rides and Attractions

Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East is a huge water park in Pasir Ris, in eastern Singapore. Its mix of rides and attractions cater to...
Eggs 'n Things Pancakes

Eggs ‘n Things: All Day Pancakes and Delicious Breakfast Goodness in Japan

In Tokyo, Japan, it not uncommon to seek out Japanese pancakes - known for being fluffy and even soufflé-like. However, the one pancake place...

Singapore’s Best Children’s Bookstores to Nurture Your Child’s Love for Books

There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all. This beautiful quote from Jackie Kennedy Onassis perfectly...
Aeroplane Playground at The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park

Aeroplane Themed Playground Takes Off at The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park

Open green spaces, a cluster of heritage colonial bungalows and, of course, a fab playground designed in line with the nearby airport – The Oval at Seletar Aerospace Hub has it all.

SailFun: Sailing Fun at Marina Barrage

Instead of the usual father-son bonding activities, I decided to try a new activity one cool Saturday afternoon with my seven-year-old boy. We drove...
Bus to Kindsville

Free Children’s Playgrounds in Town: Where Kids Can Play Without Having To Pay

When you are in town and kids are feeling a bit restless, what do you do? If you plan to give them a little...
Bubble Bump

Bubble Bump Little Day Out: A Bouncy Good Time

It was a roly-poly day out as winners of Little Day Out’s Bubble Bump Where’s Elle contest and members of Little Day Out’s team...
Odaiba Onsen

Oedo-Onsen Monogatari: Edo Town Experience & Hot Spring Theme Park in Odaiba, Tokyo

Odaiba is a popular entertainment area with modern offices and shopping centres. However, tucked away in a corner of Odaiba, a short distance from...
Musical Box at Singapore Musical Box Museum

The Singapore Musical Box Museum: Pause And Listen

Ask many Singaporeans if they are aware of the existence of the Singapore Musical Box Museum and looks of confusion will probably follow. Despite a...
Little India Heritage Trail

8 Interesting Connections You Can Make Along the Little India Heritage Trail

Little India is one of the most iconic districts of Singapore. The Little India Heritage Trail, launched by the National Heritage Board in January...
Children’s Day in Singapore 2017

Children’s Day in Singapore 2017: Things to Do as a Family

Children’s Day in Singapore 2017 falls on Friday, 6 October 2017. It is a day that celebrates kids for who they are – kids. In...
Marine Cove Playground, East Coast Park, Singapore

Marine Cove Playground – For Families at East Coast Park

It has been two years since redevelopment works started at Marine Cove and it's finally done! Marine Cove at East Coast Park is back with...
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