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Kinder Klasse – Gym & Play

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Kinder Klasse is a one-stop gym designed for children between the ages of 11 months to 7 years old. It is filled with equipment like Air Barrels, Trampoline, Balance Beams, Bouncy Castle, Ball Pit and more – making sure your child gets all the fun and excitement in one place.

Kinder Klasse offers classes, open gym, birthday parties, camps, workshops, school and private events, sports days and more.

Created by trainers with years of experience with children of all ages, the programmes at Kinder Klasse have been carefully created, designed and developed to strengthen a child’s ability to actively listen, remember and follow directions.

During the extremely fun one-hour sessions at Kinder Klasse, your child will benefit from the exposure to multitude of experiences that focuses on your child’s Gross Motor Skills, Confidence, Creativity, Social Skills, Focus and Concentration and more.

Kinder Klasse believes in:

Learning through play
Growing together
That laughter is the best medicine
To share is to learn about compassion and love

What Kinder Klasse Offers

Parent-accompanied Classes

Parent-accompanied Classes

Cuddly Cubs (11 mths to 17 mths) is ideal for curious and adventurous little ones who are already taking little steps, walking or even climbing everywhere! During the one-hour class, Cuddly Cubs will be introduced to a whole load of fun exercises, tumbling, balancing, music and movement, imaginative play while working on their muscles, flexibility, self-confidence, creativity and social skills.

Tiny Tikes (18 mths to 2.5 yrs old) are active ones as they try everything and explore whatever they can reach. In this class, your speedy toddlers will improve the spacial awareness of their bodies. Other than fun exercises, tumbling, balancing, music and movement and imaginative play, they will also learn to run more confidently, jump and land on both feet, sharing and performing in front of their peers.

Drop-off Classes

Birthday Parties at Kinder Klasse
Giggly Bunnies (3 yrs old to 4.5 yrs old) caters to little ones as their attention span grows and more verbal skills develop. Children will gain more confidence while making new friends and working as a team. The Giggly Bunnies will be introduced to new activities like circuits, relays, gymnastics and sport skills.
Mighty Kinder (4.5 yrs old to 7 yrs old) is our recreational gymnastics class where children are introduced to stretching as they work on their flexibility and learn skills like Forward Roll, Backward Walkover, Backbend, Cartwheel, Handstand and more. In this class, the focus is on the child’s form and finesse. In addition, your child can also look forward to relays, games and a whole set of exercises!

Birthday Parties

Drop-off Classes at Kinder Klasse

Kinder Klasse birthday parties promise to be an uproarious 90 minutes of fun with obstacle courses, dancing, games, open gym and more! There’s so much to explore and discover with trampolines, bouncy castles, a ball pit, a rockwall and relays on the gym floor. The obstacle course consists of different elements to keep children always engaged throughout the birthday party.

Open Gym

You can also pay a visit to Kinder Klasse for an hour of non-structure play at their open gym. Let your child explore the entire gym at their own pace. Enjoy indoor playground facilities like the Bouncy Castle, Trampoline, Ball Pit, Rockwall, Slide and Swing! Trainers.

Not only does Kinder Klasse know how and when to bring in the fun, they also ensure safety is their number one priority at all times.

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Kinder Klasse

Where: 11 Rhu Cross #02-01, PAssion WaVe@Marina Bay, Singapore 437440
Contact: 88933694