How To Play: Hide And Seek – A Classic Game With Many Variations

Hide and seek
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One of the well-known games played around the world, Hide and Seek is a classic game that can be played both indoors and outdoors at almost any age.

Hide and Seek is a game that engages and develops many skills such as observation, quick thinking, dexterity and more. Here is how to play Hide and Seek.

What you need to play Hide And Seek

One of the great things about Hide and Seek is that it can be played with two or more players in almost any setting. There is not much equipment needed to play this well-loved game. Players are encouraged to use their imagination and survival skills to find well-hidden spots that others might not think of.

For children who might be playing in an unknown environment or wide-open spaces, be sure to set boundaries if needed so that they do not find a risky hiding spot or one that is out of bounds. There should also be an agreed codeword or phrase that they should respond to when said to signal that the game has ended.

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How To Play Hide And Seek

Players appoint a seeker who will close their eyes and count to an agreed value. The seeker will usually shout: “Ready or not, here I come!” to signal that the game has begun.
The seeker must try to find the other players and will win after all the players have been found.

In a game of more than two players, once a player has been found, they will go to a waiting point until the seeker has found the rest of the players.

Variations of Hide and Seek

There are many variations of this game, some of which need props and others that just require a bit of imagination and speed!

Team Hide And Seek

This version starts the same way as a classic game of Hide and Seek, except that when a player is found by the seeker, they too will join the seeker team to find the other players. This will change the tactic of players as other players have to ensure that no one can see their hiding spot.


Also known as reverse hide and seek, one person is appointed to hide while the rest of the group will count to an agreed number. The “hider” will stay in the same spot and wait to be found. If one player finds the “hider”, they will join them in their hiding position. This continues until the last player finds the group hidden in the same space like a can of sardines.

Prison Hide And Seek

Players appoint a seeker who will close their eyes and count to an agreed value. They count next to a designated spot which will be the “prison”. Everyone will then go away to hide. Whenever the seeker finds another player, the player has to stand in “prison”. To win, the “seeker” has to get all the players into prison. However, other players that are hiding can ‘free’ people in the prison by sneaking over to the prison and tagging anyone in there as long as the seeker is not there to see this. Players who are freed from prison are back in the game.

Water Gun Hide And Seek

As the name suggests, this is a fun version of hiding and seek that is sure to add an extra splash of fun. All players will have water guns and the seeker will get a chance to fire at other players when they are found. The game could end when the guns run out of water.

Hide The Toys

Players will split into two teams. Each team can have a toy or large object that they will give to the opposing team to hide. Teams will take turns to hide the objects and on the go, they will try to find the items that have been hidden.

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