Balloonacy Mime Comedy

The story follows an old curmudgeon man celebrating his birthday alone and is interrupted by the presence of a magical red balloon that drifts into his apartment. Everything changes for him when he is forced to share his home with a lithe and lively balloon, which teases him out of his solitary funk.

Balloonacy Mime Comedy

Combining the imaginative power of play and elements of mime, clowning and more, Balloonacy is a no-dialogue, one-performer show that presents a series of comical and touching moments where the old man and the balloon explore the power of friendship and discover how, with a little imagination and acceptance, companionship is everywhere.

Balloonacy is recommended for children between the ages of 2 to 6. This is a safe and socially distanced show that will be performed to a 100-pax capacity.

Dates: 13 to 21 March 2021