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March On 2022 At Esplanade – Theatres On The Bay

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Celebrate childhood at March On 2022 at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay from 9 to 13 March. From Wednesday to Sunday, take part in exciting dance workshops, attend fun theatre shows and get to meet enthusiastic young performers who will be sharing their experiences.

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March On 2022

Family Portrait

Family Portrait - March On

Surrounded by four screens and seated on swivelling stools you and your extended family will be able to see a family with kids just like you, through choreographed sequences and candid “off camera” moments as they encounter the many different landscapes of Scotland

Family Portrait features a film screened in a special set-up, capturing Barrowland Ballet’s Artistic Director, Natasha Gilmore, and her children in an intimate portrayal of family life. Through striking imagery, choreography and intricate soundscapes, a series of narratives unfold.

With space to roam, the children encounter rabbit skulls, converse with spiders, make war paint with berries and discover the fun of playing with their mum. A geographical and emotional journey celebrating getting out into nature peppered with humour and candour, the work shares an honest depiction of what family really is with its relentless and glorious chaos.

Join in the fun with the specially designed activities that accompany the video installation, facilitated with the support of The Kueh Tutus (SG).

When: 9 to 13 March (Wed to Thu); Wed & Thu, 9.30 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 3.30 pm, 5 pm,
Fri to Sun: 9.30 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 3.30 pm, 5 pm, 7.30 pm
Duration: 1 hour (includes 25 minute activity)
Where: Esplanade Annexe Studio
Recommended for ages 4 & up
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Hello Pen Pal!

Hello Pen Pal!

Francesca Tiong is not your ordinary auntie that you meet over dinners or holidays at family gatherings. She is chatty, loud, loves to dance and sing, but the most extraordinary of all is that she loves writing letters to her pen pals. She has so many letters in that suitcase of hers, but who are her pen pals? Where are they from? What is written in it? What stories do you think she has from all the exchange of letters?

Join Francesca as she lets you in on her favourite hobby, and on some parts, you might find some of her pen pals rather familiar if you pay great attention. If you follow on more, you might just find a pen pal yourself!

When: 9 to 13 March (Wed to Sun); 11 am, 2 pm & 4.30 pm
Duration: 45 mins
Where: PIP’s PLAYbox
Admission for ages 3 and above 
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I Have Something to Say

It’s not easy being a kid when you’ve got to juggle your family, friends and school! It’s no wonder that 8-year-old Zack has his hands full.

Luckily, he has secret super powers—a turbo-charged imagination and the ability to spot a bully a mile away… or so he thinks. When an encounter with a bully turns his world upside down, Zack realises that things are not so clear cut after all and that he really needs help. But what happens when nobody wants to listen to what he has to say?

I Have Something to Say uses music, movement, and multimedia to help children explore the topic of bullying in a safe space. The play draws from stories, ideas and drawings shared by children in Singapore through organised workshops and an open call submission and hopes to give children and adults alike the language to have honest conversations about bullying.

When: 11 to 13 March (Fri to Sun); Fri & Sat, 11 am, 3 pm, Sun: 11 am
Duration: 1 hour
Where: Esplanade Theatre
Admission for ages 5 and above, recommended for ages 7 & up 
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We have something to say! A children’s workshop on bullying

We have something to say! A children’s workshop on bullying

“What is bullying? How does it make my body feel?” This children’s workshop adopts a multidisciplinary approach to explore the topic of bullying in a safe and supportive environment. Through games, therapeutic arts activities and somatic reflections, children navigate different perspectives of bullying in a fun and interactive way. They are invited to co-create ways to empower themselves, support their peers, and discover ways to repair and heal from bullying experiences in their lives.

When: 11 March (Fri), 3 pm
Duration: 2 hours
Where: Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Admission for ages 7 and above 
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We have something to say! A family workshop on bullying

We have something to say! A family workshop on bullying

This family workshop guides children and parents to discover multiple perspectives around bullying through games, somatic exercises, and therapeutic art activities. Dive deeper into feelings around bullying and uncover what our mind, body and heart would like to say. Families are invited to discover ways to approach bullying and repair the wounds of bullying in a safe and supportive environment.

When: 12 and 13 March (Sat & Sun), 10 am
Duration: 2 hours
Where: Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Admission for ages 7 and above 
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SEEDLINGS – A Public Sharing


SEEDLINGS is a programme that seeks to bring together a group of enthusiastic and arts-loving young people aged 7-12 years with diverse experiences and abilities. Participants attended a series of arts-based workshops, dialogues and performances as part of the March On festival programming.

This public sharing session is part of the SEEDLINGS programme and offers audiences the unique opportunity to hear more about the process and participants’ experiences. Audiences will also get to meet and dialogue with the participants and facilitators.

When: 13 March (Sun), 3 pm
Duration: 1 hour
Where: Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
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REVIEW: Magic Circus – Monster Hunt

Magic Circus – Monster Hunt

Go on a hunt for three monsters that have been let loose at Esplanade! As part of the activities happening for March On 2022 at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Magic Circus – Monster Hunt is a free and interactive activity that is great for kids of various ages to take part in this March Holiday.

hree of the monsters have been let loose at Esplanade

A mysterious outlaw has attacked the visiting circus Moe’s Mystical Menagerie. As a result, three of the monsters have been let loose at Esplanade. The ringmaster is offering a bounty for capturing the escapees in time for the opening show.

However, things aren’t what they seem on the surface, and as Monster Hunters delve deeper into the hunt, they might discover facts that will make them choose between two life-changing fates.

For those interested to join the hunt, they will require a smartphone with internet connectivity. Free WiFi service is available at Esplanade. Participants will need to watch videos for the context of clues, so do bring along a pair of earphones too.

enjoy a series of mini-games

When hunting for the various monsters, participants will be able to enjoy a series of mini-games. These games can be enjoyed in groups of no more than five and remain masked at all times. Hands have to be sanitised before engaging with each station. We really enjoyed the hunt and the interesting activities that we got to play along the way.

final checkpoint

The first station is at the Esplanade Courtyard. The other stations are located within the premise of the Esplanade Mall. (Hint: Visit the various levels of the mall. The map provided at the start also provides the location of the final checkpoint.)

This free, self-guided game will be available from 9 to 20 March. More information can be found here.