How To Build A LEGO Phone Holder

How To Build A LEGO Phone Holder
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Make something functional that you can use every day by building a LEGO mobile phone holder.

The LEGO mobile phone holder that we will be creating has a cradle area where you can place your mobile phone. It is also set at an angle in so that you can view it more clearly while sitting at your desk.

Another feature of the LEGO phone holder is that it allows the mobile phone to be plugged in and charged while it is on the cradle.

Steps for Building A LEGO Phone Holder

Steps for Building A LEGO Phone Holder

The LEGO mobile phone holder build starts off with a base plate. On top of this, build two supports. We found that building it four blocks high is sufficient.

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LEGO Mobile Phone Cradle

The second part of the mobile phone is the cradle. This can be made out of some plates and bricks. There should be a back which is sturdy enough to support the weight of the phone and sides and a front to keep the phone in place.

Gap in Cradle

When building the cradle, leave a gap in the middle.

Cable threaded through the cradle

This is to allow the charging cable to be threaded through and for the phone to be charged in the cradle.

Connecting up the LEGO Phone Holder

To connect the cradle to the supports, we made use of a set of plates with side handles and plates with clips (also known as open O clips).

Ball Joint

An alternative is to use plates with balls and end cups (shown in the picture above). This also creates a movable joint.

After connecting the cradle to the supports, the cradle should be set at an angle. This allows it be held in place securely.

Mobile Phone Cradle made from LEGO

With the side handles and clips, you should also be able to lift or pivot up the cradle. This makes it easier to thread through the charging cable.

A Useful Desktop Accessory

A Useful Desktop Accessory

The LEGO mobile phone holder is a nice project which you can make and keep on your desktop. You can also customise and decorate it to make it your own.