Changi Beach Intertidal Walk Little Day Outing

Changi Beach Intertidal Walk Little Day Outing
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Little Day Out is heading to the shore!

Since it’s the summer holidays for some and a non-school day for primary schoolers (sorry Primary 6s!), we thought we would organise some fun in the sun on 12 August. Calling all parents and children – we are going on an intertidal walk at Changi Beach!

Ever wondered what is the excitement about at Changi Beach? 12 August happens to be a “low-tide” day where the intertidal zone and its inhabitants are exposed for a rare window for us to take a closer peek.

Little Day Out’s Changi Beach Intertidal Walk

Date: 12 August 2021, Thursday
Time: 7.00 am to 9.00 am
Venue: Changi Beach
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What Will We See?

The intertidal zone is rich in marine biodiversity, and the creatures you find are the toughest of its kind as they are able to withstand heat, and wet and dry conditions.

We will be spotting crustaceans like crabs, sea stars, sand dollars, molluscs, worms, corals, sponges!

Discover many fun facts while observing the creatures – did you know a coral is not a plant?

And did you know there are hares in the sea?

Our Guide

Professional nature guide Gloria Seow, Vice Chairperson of Nature Society (Singapore)’s Education Committee will be helming the event together with other guides. She has been organising the popular Fun with Nature Family series since 2008.

Safety Guidelines and Intertidal Etiquette

As responsible explorers, we will be adhering to an intertidal etiquette. This includes the following:

  1. Not touching the creatures as they might sting or bite to defend themselves.
  2. Not handling animals and no poking at them with objects.
  3. Your guide may hand you the animals that safe to touch. Handle them with care.
  4. Don’t remove animals from their home, take pictures!
  5. Watch where you are stepping in case you trample on something!
  6. Respect wildlife, clear our trash.
  7. Leave nothing but footprints.

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