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Be A Food Truck Entrepreneur Holiday Programme by Tween Works

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Kids can exercise their creativity and pick up new skills at a “Be A Food Truck Entrepreneur” holiday programme this November and December.

Conducted by Tween Works, this full-day programme will allow kids between the ages of 7 to 12 years old to experience what it is like to be an entrepreneur, pitching their idea for a new food truck business while also engaging in other meaningful activities and engaging games.

The holiday programme provides primary school-aged kids with a balanced, multi-activity programme during year-end vacation, inclusive of amazing food with a menu designed by a paediatric nutritionist and cooked by in-house professional chefs. It is perfect for parents looking for a high-quality, full-day programme for their kids with a variety of activities and healthy food in a safe environment and convenient location.

Food Truck Project

Food Truck Project - Tween Works

At the Tween Works holiday programme, participants get to put their creative minds together and brainstorm ideas for a new food truck business. Should they sell burgers, rice bowls or tacos? Where’s the best place to set up the truck? How do they generate revenue in order to run a successful business?

Under the guidance of the teachers at Tween Works, participants will learn to research the business, weigh up options, set prices and market their new endeavour.

The project will culminate in the building a 3D model and them having to pitch their business idea to a real audience.

It is a great opportunity for kids to have fun working on a project during the holidays while picking up new skills at the same time.

Enrichment Programmes & Fun Activities

Be A Food Truck Entrepreneur Holiday Programme by Tween Works

In addition to working on the Food Truck project, kids will also get to enjoy a range of fun enrichment activities. These include creative arts, speech and drama, STEM activities and more that have been planned for the programme.

There are also games like foosball, air hockey available and they can even turn to a Nintendo Switch to unwind after a busy day of project work and learning.

The Be A Food Truck Entrepreneur Holiday Programme by Tween Works is available from 22 November to 31 December 2021. Participants have the flexibility of choosing any five-day (or more) period between these dates for the full-day programme.

The full-day programme runs from 9 am to 6.30 pm each day and will be held at the Tween Works campus at Cecil Street. Fees are $100 (before GST) per day, inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner, prepared by a professional chef onsite. It is ideal for parents looking for a all-inclusive and well-balanced programme for their child during the holidays.

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Be A Food Truck Entrepreneur Holiday Programme by Tween Works

When: 22 Nov to 31 December 2021, 9 am to 6.30 pm (minimum 5 days)
Where: Tween Works, 138 Cecil Street, Cecil Court #03-01 S 069538
Fees: $100 + GST per day (minimum 5 days commitment)
For ages: 7 to 12 years old
Contact: 68160001