5 Best Running Routes In Singapore To Get Some Fresh Air & Challenge Yourself

5 Scenic Running Routes In Singapore To Exercise And Get Some Fresh Air
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Many say that jogging or running are some of the most effective ways to get cardio into your exercise routine as well as to shed some extra pounds. However, running in the same area or on a treadmill just to clock the miles might make the run feel longer than it is. Here are some of the best running routes in Singapore that you can try and make the running a more enjoyable experience. You can also opt to do shorter sections of each route too.

5 Best Running Routes in Singapore To Challenge Yourself

East Coast Park

Scenic Running Routes in Singapore - East Coast Park

There are many things to see along East Coast Park. This is a popular weekend spot for a jog, cycle or barbecue. The park is most accessible by car or bus. You can enjoy the view of the coastline as you run along beachside pathways.

For an extra challenge, try a really long scenic run along East Coast Park. Here is an idea for a challenging running route. Start from Kembangan MRT station and head along the Siglap Park Connector till you reach East Coast Park Carpark C4. Jog past Parkland Green and do a U-turn to National Sailing Centre. You’ll be able to enjoy a scenic view of the beach on the way. End off in a final u-turn and end at East Coast Lagoon Food Village where you can get a nice cool drink.

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Marina Bay and Gardens by the Bay

Marina Bay and Gardens by the Bay

Take in the sights and sounds around the Marina Bay area by following any one of the two accessible running routes.

Choose to run around the Marina Bay if you want an urban route to enjoy the iconic city skyline with landmarks such as the Helix Bridge, Merlion Park and our city’s architecture. Follow the path along the waters of Marina Bay Reservoir.

Alternatively, head into Gardens by the Bay and enjoy the diverse flora and fauna as well as the famous Supertrees and domes. You can run all the way down to Marina Barrage and back as well.

MacRitchie Reservoir Park and Central Catchment Area

MacRitchie Reservoir Park and Central Catchment Area

MacRitchie is Singapore’s oldest reservoir and it has running routes that cut through the forest. It is a favourite amongst runners and nature lovers alike as it is surrounded by a lush rainforest and nature reserves. It’s also a favourite spot to use for school cross country runs because of the easily accessible amenities such as lockers, water coolers and showers.

You can enjoy a scenic run or jog along the boardwalk with views of the water, or enjoy the lush view of the forest along the forest trails. For a real challenge, venture deeper into the Central Catchment Area and make a loop around the entire reservoir, returning via Windsor Nature Park.

Punggol’s Waterways

Punggol's Waterways

Punggol’s waterways offer some of the best running routes in Singapore. To get the full experience, start at Punggol Park and run through the Sungei Serangoon Park Connector to Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk. Continue on to Lorong Halus Wetland and cross the iconic deep orange Lorong Halus Bridge.

From there, you will reach Punggol Waterway Park and if you time your morning run right, you can take a break at Sunrise Point to catch the sunrise. (Just as the name suggests) End off your run at Waterway Point and take a well-deserved break!

Southern Ridges

Southern Ridges Running Route

Looking for a route that allows you to cover not one, not two but three different parks? The Southern Ridges trail lets you experience the (literal) breath-taking views of Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park. The best way to navigate this route is via the different trails.

Near Harbourfront MRT, start at the Marang Trail and make the ascent up Mount Faber. Stop for the panoramic views of the cable cars and southern islands once you reach the top.

Alternatively, you can start from Faber Walk trail and run along the trail till you reach the Henderson wave bridge.

The Hilltop walk trail is the next on your run. this trail lets you take a detour to Terrace Garden, the highest point in Telok Blangah Hilltop Park. The halfway mark is the forest walk trail with its metallic zig-zag structure. The walkway’s height varies from 3 to 18 meters, and the route is about 1 km.

Continue on through Alexandra Arch and reach Hort Park. There you can find one of our favourite biophilic playgrounds! Take a water and toilet stop before ending your run at Canopy Walk.

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