VCH Organ Series: Celestial Pipes

West Winds In Concert 2019 - Festival - A Musical Extravaganza
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A blank slate, infinite grains of sand, infinite possibilities. Conjuring a magician’s power, he channels the spirit of the music that encompasses all cosmic force through his delicate palms. Into the grains of sand he breathes life, an organic body. Sand artist Lawrence Koh animates The Planets by Gustav Holst in a celestial collaboration with organist Winfried Bönig. Widor’s standout work, the Toccata from Organ Symphony No. 5 has saluted countless weddings to date, its upbeat and charming character irresistibly captivating.

Pre and post-concert activities:

Planetarium @ Level 1 VCH Atrium
Free Admission (with a valid ticket slip^)

Timings: 1pm, 2pm, 3pm*, 4pm, 5pm*

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*These sessions are reserved for VCH Organ Series: Celestial Pipes ticketholders only.

^Ticket slips must be collected before each session. Ticket collection commences 30 minutes before each session. All participants must be present during ticket collection.

Each session will last 45 minutes.

Please note: This experience will include cramp spaces and pitch darkness. Each session will only admit 25 people.

Organ Exhibition @ Level 2 VCH Foyer
Free Admission

Timing: 1pm – 5:30pm

– Down-sized pipe organ model demonstration
– DIY panpipes
– The Science Behind Sound: a demonstration by students from the National University of Singapore



Event Information

VCH Organ Series: Celestial Pipes

Start date: 16/6/18 4:00
End date: 16/6/18 18:00

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