Space Fiesta

Tinkventor Camp
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Join us for the ultimate space fiesta! Embark on a space adventure with new knowledge, science and technology among the stars.

Children 7 years old and below should be accompanied by a parent.

3D Printing & 3D Scanning
Capture your 3D full-body selfies and 3D print your own figurines. Learn the techniques of a 3D image scanner and witness the 3D printing process!

Test your coding skills with Scratch for Arduino and control LED lights! Complete all the challenges at our coding stations now!

Virtual Reality
Immerse yourself in virtual reality and a 360 world. Learn how a realistic prototype of an immersive environment can be easily developed!

Colour code a robot or play some music using MakeyMakey. Pick up basic tech skills through playing and making!

No registration required.

Event Information

Space Fiesta

Start date: 17/6/17 14:30
End date: 17/6/17 16:00

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